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Week 19 Divisional Round Playoffs

  • Matt Schneidman
    Oh boy. #Packers RT Bryan Bulaga and OL Alex Light have both been added to the injury report and are questionable for today's game with illnesses. The bug keeps going around the locker room.

    The bug that went through the Seahawks locker room a couple weeks ago is currently attacking the Packers players. Multiple GB players either have or had this bug this week. This could play a role in today's game.

  • Man... I hate the flu with a passion. I could not imagine doing anything with the flu, let alone letting someone try to play football.

  • With Iupati listed as Doubtful, how much of an upgrade would it be to our run game if we get Fant back as our 6th Blocking OL with Duane Brown at LT, Jamarco Jones at LG, Hunt at C, Fluker at RG and Ifedit at RT?

    Not ready to turn back my prediction on the podcast but I'm more hopeful.

  • Tom Gialanella Retweeted
    RobDemovsky's avatar
    Rob Demovsky @RobDemovsky
    Bryan Bulaga (illness) will play today despite being added to the injury report.

    The Packers inactives are: WR Ryan Grant, RB Dexter Williams, CB Ka'dar Hollman, CB Josh Jackson, FB Danny Vitale, T John Leglue

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  • Nervous the Offense won't start and the defense will bend and actually break a couple times. I want them to play tough and energized. I really want to see them play a full game. If they lose that way so be it. But putting together only like 2 quarters of quality football will be frustrating.

  • So we are not gonna get holding calls on the Packers OL... good to know.

  • D bent and broke. I was afraid of that. GB drove down right down the field converting two 3rd and 8's.

    7-0 GB

  • Dude... Holister. Dont turn into John Carlson 2.0. I am so ready to start hating on you.

  • Not thrilled with this start. D gives up a TD and 1st offensive play is a fumble recovered by GB. Psshhhh.....

    EDIT: BIG CALL - No clear recovery! Seattle maintains possession!!!!

  • Been some punts back and forth. Seahawks winning the field position battle but not capitalizing on it yet.

  • Seahawks move it a bit with some Wilson to Lockett action. Get a field goal.

    7-3 GB

    End of the 1st quarter.

    The bright side for the Seahawks so far is this already feels like one of those ugly 2019 Seahawk games. Maybe they can steal the win in the 4th quarter.

  • Defense having a hard time today. They give up another TD. Clowney is hurt and in visible pain.

    14-3 GB

    Its always darkest before the dawn, right?

  • These refs are weak.

    How can you call a TD without seeing the ball? It's cool to just assume he crossed the plain?

  • Yeah, They're humans and they made a mistake. Unfortunately can't overturn it. Seahawks have to keep this close and hope that the 2nd half adjustments that have served them well this season will turn this thing around.

  • Add the facemask penalty on Clowney and the Refs have called multiple calls on stuff that did not actually happen.

    Slowmo confirms it.

    I dont begrudge refs for being human but technology shouldn't be used to bail them out when they really mess up but help make sure the correct call is called.

  • Well, this 1st half played out as i feared. The only thing left is to see if Green Bay can avoid a collapse in the 2nd half.

    The 2nd saddest part about the Seahawks possibly losing is the 49ers will roast GB and go to the Super Bowl. Yuck.

  • I'm indifferent on who wins a SB if it's not Seattle. Now that NE is gone I'm open to a new contender.

    SF would as least be able to beef with Steeler fans for 6 rings.

    Let's see if this 2nd half turns around.

    They announce that they're gonna give Griffin sole responsibility against Adams.

  • I'm ready for the Tre Flowers experiment to end.

    Hes just not consistent enough to get abused again and again.

  • Russell Wilson is playing like a man possessed.

    Down 11 nearing halfway through the 4th. Need to score and hope the DEF can get a stop.

  • Griffin Blitz!!!!!!

  • Our 3rd Down Defense just couldn't keep it together.

    Valiant effort by the Seahawks in 2019. There's a lot to be hopeful for next year but also a lot of concerns that need to be addressed.

    If Pete wants to rely on this style of Defense, we need to get better consistent pass rush; there's no reason why every pass across the middle gets that wide open.

    Looking forward to debriefing on the podcast this week.

  • Maaaan I'm mostly bummed that the season is over. What a ride.

    I really felt like this team overachieved, especially considering the injuries here in the end. As far as this game goes, can't go into the half down 21-3 and expect the impossible, even with Russ at QB.

    I feel like we have a lot to look forward to this offseason and next season. Tons of draft capital, minimum $60MM in cap space, and a nice number of young players with 2+ years of control.

  • @JGfromtheNW You and me both! I'm not ready for the season to be over.

    I thought if they could keep it at around 11 -14 point lead they would have a chance in the 2nd half. Once it got 21-3 and stayed like that into halftime, I was figuring it was trouble.

    I love the offseason and this Seahawk off season should be jam packed of fun. Except for that excruciating lull the weeks leading up to training camp. yawn

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