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Week 19 Divisional Round Playoffs

  • Saturday Divisional Round Playoffs
    #6 Vikings @ #1 Niners
    Niners: -7
    1:35PM PST
    TV: NBC

    #6 Titans @ #1 Ravens
    Ravens: -9
    5:15PM PST
    TV: CBS

    Sunday Divisional Round Playoffs
    #4 Texans @ #2 Chiefs
    Chiefs: -9.5
    12:05PM PST
    TV: CBS

    #5 Seahawks @ #2 Packers
    Packers: -4
    3:40PM PST
    TV: FOX

  • Wow, I just noticed I'm cheering for all the lower seeds!

    I hope Vikings win so Seahawks would get the NFC Championship Game in Seattle!! But, if they don't the Hawks can beat up the 9ers in the 9ers own backyard. I'm still certain the Seahawks are the better team so I'd be stoked if they got that chance also.

    But to be clear:
    Go Vikings!
    Go Titans
    Go Texans
    GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!

  • This is the first year where I've watched at least part of each playoff game live. Maybe the matchups or the fact that theres a lot of teams that weren't here last year.

    Either way, this weekend looks great too.

    Not sure if I'll be able to watch all game lives but I will try.

  • Wednesday Packers' Injury Report:

    Position Name Injury Report
    DL Kenny Clark Back Did Not Participate
    RB Dexter Williams Illness Did Not Participate
    TE Jimmy Graham Veteran Rest Did Not Participate
    CB Tramon Williams Veteran Rest Did Not Participate
    LB Preson Smith Ankle Limited Participation
    G/T Billy Turner Ankle Limited Participation
    FB Danny Vitale Knee Limited Participation
    WR Allen Lazard Ankle Full Participation
    OT Brian Bulaga Concussion Full Participation
    LB Rashan Gary Shoulder Full Participation
    LB Blake Martinez Hand Full Participation
    C Corey Linsley Back Full Participation
    S Will Redmond Hamstring Full Participation
    RB Jamal Williams Shoulder Full Participation
    LB Preson Smith Ankle Limited Participation

  • Packers Friday Injury Report:

    Position Name Injury Report
    FB Danny Vitale Illness, Knee Did Not Practice (Questionable)
    RB Dexter Williams Illness Did Not Practice (Questionable)
    DL Tyler Lancaster Illness Did Not Practice (Questionable)
    DL Kenny Clark Back Limited Practice (Questionable)
    TE Jimmy Graham Wrist (Veteran Rest) Limited Practice
    TE Mercedes Lewis Veteran Rest Limited Practice
    LB Preston Smith Ankle Limited Practice
    G/T Billy Turner Ankle Limited Practice
    CB Tramon Williams Veteran Rest Limited Practice

    Seahawks Friday Injury Report:

    alt text

  • Brown and Fant being "Limited" may be a step in the right direction. Crossing fingers!

    Had a bad dream last night. Earlier in this thread I posted basically that if they lose in GB I'd kinda be ok because I don't really see this team as a SB team this season. In my dream, the Vikings beat the 9ers so the Seahawks were playing for a home NFCCG.... They lost in the final minute to GB.

    I woke up sad as hell. I think I may care about winning a little more than I let on.

    "NO PACK NO!" - Zeb on the podcast! Heard that!


  • First playoff game of the weekend. Huge potential implications as either of these winners could alter where the NFC game is played.

    No #5 seed has ever hosted thei NFC against a fellow Wild Card team. This game could make that possible.

  • Diggs with an equalizer .. good job Vikings!

  • Vikings just need to keep hitting Jimmy GQ. He looks like he's got a couple picks in him already.

  • Cook is getting bottled up; we did not have that problem in our games against SF.

    And Cook just takes an outlet pass in the flats and goes no where on 2nd and 10...

  • Jimmy G with the huge INT for the Vikings. That's a bad throw to a LB playing soft zone.

    Vikings are now on the door of the redzone after pining them deep. Let's see if they can convert and tie before the half.

  • 49ers feel like the better team.. Vikings going to need another turnover or 2 or some big plays..

  • No tying up the game may be the different in this game. Getting a 4-point swing could be the difference.

    SF is doing a good job of containing their RB in the run and pass it appears. Last two of Cook's receptions have gone for 0 or negative yards.

  • Damnit Sherm... He didn't even have to work for that INT. Just played a better route that Theilan.

    Cheap hit from Bosa with that blind-side block.

  • Sherm knew the route before the snap. Man..

    Vikings just being foiled at everything.. gotta figure something out fast..

  • This game is done... Yes, I know there's a quarter left but I have never believed in Kirk Cousins and I'm not going to start now.

    Off to run errands before Titans @ Ravens.

  • Whoa... big through by Tannehill for the TD and huge catch by Jonu Smith.

    Can't believe that the Titans strike first. All setup by the Lamar Jackson INT.

  • uh-oh... were the Ravens too busy reading their press clippings and not worrying about this lowly #6 seed?

    Cause they're down 14-0 right now after a huge throw by Tannehill (another one) to Kalif Raymond.

  • Are the Titans currently beating down the #1 seed boasting the current projected MVP?

    I dont believe it either.

  • MVP's 3rd turnover.

    The first INT was off a tip but the last two have been Lamar trying to do too much.

  • The Ravens did not help Lamar. It felt like they had 10+ drops in that game. His numbers stand out for going 300+ in the air and 100+ on the ground but when you lose as the home favorite as the #1 seed to the traveling #6 seed, that's gotta sting.

    Credit to the Titans, Derrick Henry for Judy running over everyone onto his 3rd 180+ yard game in a row, and for Tannehill for keeping it under 100 passing yards but racking up 3 TDs anyway.

  • My final thoughts before we head into the Sunday games: did the "go for it on 4th down" crowd like those results?

  • All kinds of stuff happening these playoffs that should give the pseudo analytics people pause and have them considering whether their models work. But its pseudoscience so it wont. Im NOT anti-analytics. Im super PRO analytics..and I know it sounds arrogant, but 90% of the internet analytics guys have it wrong.

    Stoked for the Titans.. I certainly cant claim I predicted a win, but I can say I gave them a better shot than some did. My friend Zach is a big Titans fan..he must be going out of his mind tonight.

    Pretty cool result today in the AFC. In the NFC..the Vikings didnt even look like they belonged.

  • Early reports are that LT Duane Brown is playing today.

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