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Seahawks 2020 Opponents finalized

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    With all 2019 games played, we now know who our 2020 opponents will be. The actual schedule won't be announced until April/May. The schedule is based upon rotating an NFC and AFC division, plus two games against the remaining NFC Division teams that finished in the same place as the Seahawks finished in the West.

    The NFC West will play the NFC East and AFC East this year.

    2020 Home Games 2020 Road Games Division
    Los Angeles Rams Los Angeles Rams NFC West
    Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals NFC West
    San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers NFC West
    Dallas Cowboys NFC East
    Philadelphia Eagles NFC East
    New York Giants NFC East
    Washington Redskins NFC East
    New England Patriots AFC East
    Buffalo Bills AFC East
    New York Jets AFC East
    Miami Dolphins AFC East
    Minnesota Vikings NFC North #2
    Atlanta Falcons* NFC South #2

    *The Atlanta Falcons are playing an international game as one of their home games in 2020; this could potentially be a game in London or Mexico City for the Seahawks.

  • I feel like Seattle vs Atlanta is destined to be a London game. Seattle for whatever reason seems to be one of the popular teams there.

    Good schedule , entertaining games in the way!

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