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Week 18 Wild Card Weekend

  • Its crazy.. there was no issue at the time. It was a hard hit but only looks malicious if you slow it down. Im not sure people realize the degree perceptions change when you slow events down. Clowney isnt a dirty player, it was an unfortunate play and we beat them with Wentz earlier so Im not going to get all insecure.

  • I feel like people are looking at the results and not the actual play.

    Oh well, I know I would be upset if we were on the other side but there's nothing that would change.

  • I told someone at work. Throw out my opinion and all Seahawk fans opinions as well. Then throw out Eagles fans as well. We're all biased. What are people not connected to either team saying? Almost every opinion I've seen is that it wasn't dirty.

  • Also Schott/Pete deserves some credit for the gutsy last 3rd down throw. They went cover 0 and it was the right call. I think typically they run that, cause the Eagles to use the time out and then we all sweat a last possession by the Eagles. To their credit they went out and sealed it with a bomb to Metcalf. We went nuts

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