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Week 18 Wild Card Weekend

  • Saturday AFC Wild Card Weekend
    #5 Buffalo Bills @ #4 Houston Texans
    Houston: -3
    1:35PM PST

    #6 Tennessee Titans @ #3 New England Patriots
    New England: -4.5
    5:15PM PST
    TV: CBS

    Sunday NFC Wild Card Weekend
    #6 Minnesota Vikings @ #3 New Orleans Saints
    New Orleans: -8
    10:05AM PST
    TV: Fox

    #5 Seattle Seahawks @ #4 Philadelphia Eagles
    Seattle: -1
    1:40PM PST
    TV: NBC

    Assuming Seattle wins as the #5 seed, they would face #1 SF unless #6 Vikings win and then Seattle would travel to Green Bay in January.

  • I'm definitely glad we get the slot we do. Will make for a fun weekend of football.

  • For sure. Our game is the climax of a weekend of pretty good games. Will be pulling hard for the Titans!

  • Definitely pulling for Ten and also that Bills/Texans game could be fantastic.

    Not much better than playoff football IMO.

  • Of the four Wild Card teams, I look more at the home team that the away team.

    New England (while a bad version of their historical team) is probably 2nd to New Orleans who I expect to win.

    The Texans are 3rd with the Eagles as the "worst" home team.

  • Wild Card Round Divisional Round NFC Championship
    Vikings Win
    #5 Seahawks @ #4 Eagles #5 Seahawks @ #2 Packers #6 Vikings @ #5 Seahawks
    #6 Vikings @ #3 Saints #6 Vikings @ #1 49ers
    Saints Win
    #5 Seahawks @ #4 Eagles #5 Seahawks @ #1 49ers #5 Seahawks @ #3 Saints
    #6 Vikings @ #3 Saints #3 Saints @ #2 Packers
    Vikings Win 49ers Win
    #5 Seahawks @ #4 Eagles #5 Seahawks @ #2 Packers #5 Seahawks @ #1 49ers
    #6 Vikings @ #3 Saints #6 Vikings @ #1 49ers
    Saints Win Packers Win
    #5 Seahawks @ #4 Eagles #5 Seahawks @ #1 49ers #5 Seahawks @ #2 Packers
    #6 Vikings @ #3 Saints #3 Saints @ #2 Packers

  • Actually pretty happy with how the seeding worked out. Philly is a hospital ward and the Vikings are actually more healthy than when we played them earlier in the season. A home game would be nice, but Philly is a better matchup and from what I've read Seattle is going to have crappy weather this weekend while it's supposed to be nice in Philly. Dry Russ > Rainy Russ.

    I just really really really hope we don't have to travel to Lambeau. Santa Clara, New Orleans, whatever, just don't have to travel to the jewel of Wisconsin (lol) in January.

  • It is weird that I'm more concerned about the weather in Green Bay and not their team?

    Not saying it's a great match-up for us but the weather in Seattle essentially mutes our offense/defense. I don't trust us in bad weather and I would rather play in a dome/warm weather stadiums on the road.

    To avoid the Wisconsin weather, we need to root for the Saints to beat the Vikings and then the Packers in GB.

  • Just rewatched the condensed SEA@PHI game and it was a 17-3 game with 20-seconds left in the game. Wentz had 4 turnovers (2 INTS & 2 Lost Fumbles). Carson had two fumbles but the lost fumble was credited to Wilson (who also threw a INT on a 3rd and 25 that got tipped.

    The wind was crazy and lead to crazy kick attempts and punts. Wilson was sacked 6 times and missed two TDs; one on an over throw to Hollister and DK dropped a TD on a diving finger-tip attempt.

    Zach Ertz (who may not play this Sunday) had 12 catches for 91 yards (7.6 ypc) but made most of his damage on the Eagle's final drive when the Seahawks were playing deep prevent. The Eagles best receivers will be JJ Arcega-Whiteside (2 catches, 43 yards), Greg Ward (6 catches, 40 yards - his first catches in the NFL) & Dallas Goedert (7 catches, 32 yards). No one really stretching the field for this Eagles team if these same play. Since that game, Ward and Goedert have seen more action (due to injury) but none have topped 100 yards in the Eagles pass-heavy offense. They're getting catches but they're not constantly breaking deep catches.

    Should be a good match up for Seattle as long as we can tackle; this stood out as a game where the Seahawk defenders did a good job not giving up a lot of yards after contact.

    Since losing to Seattle in Week 12, the Eagles lost in Miami 31-37 and then won four straight against the NFC East; 23-17 NYG, 37-27 @Wash, 17-9 DAL and 34-17 @NYG. The Eagles finished with two wins against teams that ended .500 or better (@BUFF 31-13 Week 8 & @GB 34-27 Week 4) and went 0-3 vs NE, SEA & MINN.

  • Eagles Thursday Injury Report

    Position Name Injury Report
    WR Nelson Agholor Knee Did Not Participate
    RB Miles Sanders Ankle Did Not Participate
    DE Derek Barnett Ankle Limited Practice
    DT Fletcher Cox Tricep Limited Participation
    TE Zach Ertz Ribs, Back, Kidney Limited Participation
    OT Lane Johnson Ankle Limited Participation
    CB Sidney Jones Back Full Participation
    CB Avonte Maddox Abdomen Full Participation
    CB Jalen Mills Ankle Full Participation

  • Final Injury Reports for the Eagles:

    Position Name Injury Report
    WR Nelson Agholor Knee OUT
    TE Zach Ertz Ribs,Back Questionable
    OT Lane Johnson Ankle Questionable

    Final Injury Report for the Seahawks:

    Position Name Injury Report
    OT Duane Brown Knee OUT
    WR Malik Turner Concussion OUT
    WR Jaron Brown Knee Questionable
    G Mike Iupati Neck Questionable

    Clowney and Diggs were not listed on the report so that means that we'll have out most healthy DL (minus Al Woods).

  • I'm more nervous than most but I do think we win. Wentz will play better this time around but I think Diggs being back gives us the edge. Philly is good against the run and while we ran all over them the first time around not sure I expect it again. They are terrible on the outside so hoping we take advantage of that and my guess is Metcalf has a big game and does a better job than the first time around.

  • Bill's are the better team on paper but I think Houston behind Wade and Watt get them a home win.

    At least one team in Texas know how to do it.

  • And the Bill's just opened a 7-0 lead. Hahahah

  • Halfway through the third, Josh Allen is their best passer, rusher and reciever.

    Take that Lamar.

  • So... Houston took the lead and on 4th and 1, they opt for the QB sneak after forcing the Bill's to take their last TO...

    I'm sure the stats say go for it but it would have been a 50+ yard FG to go up 6 with the Bill's having no time outs plus forcing them to go for a TD.

    This is where I feel like the stat heads stay silent when 4th down doesnt work.

  • Wow... what a move by Watson that last play. Two defenders negate each other on the sack.

    And with the Texans in FG range to win it... the Bill's start using meaningless TO's.

    Texans progress to the Divisional round.

    Texans play the Ravens (if NE wins) or the Chiefs (if Tenn wins).

  • And now that Titans vs Patriots. I dont know if the Titans can win. Brady + their defense might be too much for the 9-7 Titans.

  • Titans with the lead at half, Henry over 100 yards already. Titans with a 3:2 Run-Pass ration so far..clearly they want to shorten the game and saw something in NEs run defense they thought they could exploit. Can they keep it up?

  • just a quick note.. the Texans also ran the ball 33 times vs 25 passes in their victory. Bills threw 48 times and ran 30.. (78 plays!).

  • Wow... did not see the Patriots getting shut out in the 2nd half.

    My favorite part was when the Titans Head Coach (Mike Vrabel) took 3 penalties in a row to burn clock before the 5-minute clock in the 4th quarter. Thought it was a genius move to copy Belichick to burn an additional minute+ of game time.

    Henry is a monster runner; he looks too big to play RB but he moves so well. Great game by the Titans and what a shocker.

  • Iupati has been ruled OUT for the game... I guess Jamarco slides into the LG role and Fant as the LT.

  • alt text

    Perfect example of how Pete is trying to build a roster; spend on cheaper run-grade OL and cheaper RBs to compliment your QB who won't be asked to risk putting the ball up if you can dominate on the run. Gives your defense more rest, you chew up more TOP and gives the opposing OFF less plays.

    The flaw is when you face an equally stout Run DEF and then you have to adjust. This was the problem we saw in last year's playoff game.

  • So with the Vikings leading by 3 into the 4th quarter... do I want the Vikings to win (holding out hope they continue to win for the Seahawks to host them in the NFC Championship game?) Or the Saints to win so we get the matchup against the Niners next week (and avoid Wisconsin weather)?

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