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Delay of Game

  • So..we need to talk about this. Who wants to start?

  • Sucks.

    Pete (and his staff) have been bad at clock management and if they couldn't get the right sub in within 40 seconds it's kind of inexcusable.

    That does not mean I want Pete fired. It's his flaw and the difference would have been a home-field game against the Vikings.

  • Maaaaaan. That whole drive I was worried that Marshawn wasn't going to be ready to go in if we got down to the 1. The shots of him chillin on the sideline wearing his beanie had me nervous the whole time. I kinda feel like I need to go back and rewatch the sequence, but my God, just inexcusable management/coaching. That was some JV football BS.

  • Im of complicated opinion.. listening to Pete talk yesterday and today.. what it adds up to is , in my opinion.. somewhat a perfect storm of things happening.. some of which are someones fault and some of which were just weird.

    The biggest factor seems to be a breakdown of somebody.. but not Pete most likely. Although as HC he is ultimately responsible and takes the blame to protect people on the team.. the HC of an NFL team is NOT the guy in charge of keeping personnel groupings ready to be sent in. That should be self evident. The OC as well isnt directly responsible for that, but is more closely involved. Someone in charge of that somewhat dropped the ball. and, parsing Pete's speech... a bit of Marshawn being late to go out and not knowing.. and its possible Homer was at fault as there is a mention that Pete couldnt even see him around.

    Then there was the weird stuff.. Fant was hurt and that was taking up some attention. Sure, you see him wave off people and indicate he is fine..but thats with 21 seconds left. Up til that time Lockett and WIlson both checked with him.

    Marshawn coming on the field itself seemed to be a distraction as well.

    also..somehow the team on the field seemed to feel that they had the amount of time that a timeout would give them.. and here I turn to Russell WIlson. YOure the leader man... you dont heave a play call? When its at 20 seconds why are you at least just screaming to get people lined up with what you have.. (4wr, 1 TE) and just run SOMETHING. Instead he wasnt even looking at the clock when time ran out..they were all just in a huddle...

    But I do agree with Pete..its not even what caused the loss. They had 3 shots from the 6... and one was a rather obvious PI..

    SUch a frustrating ending but I guess im with Danny ONeill of 710am Seattle: im not running around screaming about it is what it is. You take the good with the bad with any coach and I dont know what you can do about this weird situation...

  • Not getting an injury timeout with Fant laying on the field or hobbling around or whatever he was doing (couldn't see it on the broadcast until he limped up to the line but Collinsworth was screaming about it) was confusing to me.

    Still, we didn't lose that game because we ran out of time or because we had to go from the 6 instead of the 1, we lost because we couldn't score a touchdown in a situation where this team typically can. Should have, could have, but didn't. Oh well, on to the playoffs!

  • Honestly after listening to the explanations all week I'm actually more upset about what transpired. It honestly defies belief. I don't want to dwell on it and maybe it was a wake up call so that it doesn't happen again.

  • Well..the problem is ...youre listening to an explanation from someone who knows he has to say something, but doesnt feel any obligation to tell you what really happened, and if he is a good leader of men SHOULDNT tell you what happened.

    Im not sure what in the "explanation" got your more frustrated but I will say this:

    except in the broadest sense that he is ultimately responsible, the head coach is NOT the person on the sidelines responsible for getting the right personnel packages in the game. Once a play is called one of the assistants who has that responsibility calls out the package name or number.

    I get the sense that having the ball where a run might be a possiblity hadnt occurred to anyone, least of all the backs. Lynch wasnt expecting to be used because a) hed just arrived b) he was never part of a 2 minute drill package. Homer wasnt around the coaches area either..Carroll has noted Homer wasnt anywhere to be seen.

    So that was huge. Once Marshawn did step on the field that seemed to awe people as they thought about the ramifications for the narrative of the game and season.

    and then there is the mystery. In our podcast I likened it to almost a spell being cast on the stadium.

    Once Russ spikes the ball.... EVERYONE acted like there was a timeout. The players on the field especially, but also those on the sideline a bit, and even the broadcast booth.

    Its not Russ's responsibility as such to get things going.. but when the clock was at 25 or 22 and he didnt have a play..he should have just called SOMETHING and gone with it and told them what he was calling. Instead he was checking on Fant and then had the team still in a tight huddle when the play clock hit zero and he wasnt even LOOKING at the clock.

    It was a perfect storm of weirdness and we , the fans, will never know what what actually happened because Pete will always just say it was him and deal with it internally. Im 100% sure some asses were chewn this week , including Wilsons. Because althought its not his FAULT.. at this point in his career he has to take ownership of that situation too. But as is often the case this season, things I admire Pete for others are dismayed at. I absolutely want Pete to own that.. and not to give the real explanation because in 2019 if he said "yea..quality control coach John Doe took a while to find Marshawn.. who didnt hear JUMBO JUMBO being called out.. and then by the time he had found him Schott thought he had to call a different play because we couldnt find our RBs.. so another play was called and then John Doe didnt know who to send and meanwhile, Russ checked on George and sort of lost focus for the first time in his career."...if he said that.. then the hate mail and tweets and venom and bile would spill. and Pete can take it.. like Batman in the second film of the Nolan trilogy. But he doesnt want anyone else to be subjected to it.

  • @Veda-the-Moor I understand that and respect Pete doing that, I really do. But he's also in the head set and communication is heard by everyone. It would make more sense if we were close to getting a play off but we were literally standing in the huddle and not even remotely close to getting one off. There is a reason this almost never happens. Because most teams are prepared and we weren't. Also I have a hard time giving them the benefit of the doubt when they have a history of seemingly being confused in similar situations. Shannon Sharpe talked about how every team he was on had multiple plays lined up exactly for these moments and he's seen multiple times where Pete/staff don't. They refuse to have a QB sneak for some reason which is perfect with the defense set the way it was . Again you spiked it, stopped the clock. Imagine letting 40 seconds off the clock and you're standing in the huddle...
    I will agree with a point you made in the pod. It was weird that everyone seemed confused. Russ, Schott, Pete etc. But to me this goes back to coaching. You're team should be prepared and they weren't. Back to Sharpe. He's been in these situations and he couldn't believe this could happen. That's telling. We are guessing but he's been behind the curtain.

    I argued all year this is the kind of stuff that Pete blows off as unimportant but it cost him, I believe. You were also right in the pod that Pete is all time good in most areas. In fact he gets the hard stuff right. The stuff you either have or you don't. The stuff he is bad at is easily fixable, I think that is whats most frustrating to many. My hope is that maybe this was a wake-up call.

    I should add the reasons you add that equal a perfect storm, you're not really wrong. still shouldn't have happened and Pete as the head coach should have been screaming at someone while they're standing in the huddle. We were in the living room screaming at the tv.

    I think I just needed to vent before the game and wash this. While ripping on Pete he's done a fantastic job of getting a beat up roster this far. Although we know it's really Russell Wilson (kidding). Kind of 😜

    Read my star wars question. It's more important!

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