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star wars merch..

  • Is it my imagination..or is there a lot less merchandise available this time?

    I dont see a big variety of figures.. I would have thought there would have been a Death Star Ruins playset, maybe that skiff, the new Tie Silencer.. Maybe those horses.. certainly the Y-Wing. But Ive only seen the X-Wing for vehicles so far..

    I think generally Disney and even Abrams have been in "Lets just get it done and regroup and see what direction to go" with this last of the new Trilogy.

  • There were less and less readily available toys with every film, at least as far as I could tell. That kind of shit just doesn't sell like it used to, I suppose. Sad. (D-O voice)

  • I guess I should have noticed... the figures so really poorly over here, and a TFA Millenium Falcon eventually was selling for about 30 dollars.. but it is a little sad. It seems the emphasis is on the LEGO stuff now. And video games?

  • Yeah I feel like anything that involves the screen on a mobile device is bound to be more popular than an old fashioned toy. Sucks for us!

  • Star Wars video games have done "poorly" since Disney acquired them. Their most notable games were the Lego series (which have just been re-releases to the newer consoles), the Battlefront Series (which was panned for lacking a full game until its sequel), the Disney Infinity 3.0 that was Star Wars focused (and then shortly had their IP closed and their accompanying toys) and the only star of the video game world is probably Jedi: Fallen Order.

    I feel like the Mandalorian will do better toys than the Star Wars main series.

  • It’s weird. Tankan usually makes small die cast figures and vehicles but haven’t seen those. You’d think being a new ship they’d have TIE Daggers... but nope. Outside of the Mandalorian, maybe Star Wars really has just outlived it’s popularity or maybe culture has past it by. Even the new animated series doesn’t seem to have the impact of REBELS..

  • It's just not that special anymore, unfortunately. I mean there's still our generations that it's special to, but to the kids it's just another franchise among myriad franchises. Baby Yoda has infiltrated popular culture but even that is destined to be fleeting. If they'd had toys ready for that before Christmas you'd see them everywhere but the choice to keep him secret didn't allow that to happen.

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