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The Politics of Star Wars

  • Reflective of our new divided society and the nuances of all aggrieved sides even Star Wars movies now get pulled into the culture wars.

    I didnt love Rey , the character , in TFA.. but it had nothing to do with her being a woman. I wasnt all that attached to Finn, and of all the new main character hes the one I still have the least connection too.. but its not because he is black.

    But those were issues for people out there.. "there cant be black stormstroopers" (??), heroes shouldnt be female.. That was the evil sounding crap we heard 4 years ago.

    No. weve swung the other day and there is outrage that Rose wasnt featured more..and now we have people demanding a series about Rose.

    I find this almost as dumb. Its sad the first Asian character essentially got Jar Jar Binx-ed. But you cant write , when maknig real art, characters to satisfy quotas or to capture demographics. Rose was a victim not so much of the racist and boorish people who targetted her after the last movie. Disney isnt pandering to them. Disney is pandering to focus groups that showed generally Rose was a badly written , awkward character in the last movie so people didnt really get ..attached. Its not the actress's fault.. but in fact she was given dialog like "Dummy!"

    Her sister, who died in the opening act and was for me one of the few cool parts of the movie (if I ignore for a moment how dumb the bombers were...) would be a better character to develop more than Rose to be honest.

    I hate how politics is now seeping into every facet of our society and I bet this would be familiar to 1920s and 1930s Germans...

  • The problem is always be that if you dislike a character (who is female or black) it will be connected to those dislike a character solely for being a female or black.

    It doesn't matter how well you defend your logic, people will default to linking you in with general dislike towards what they look like and not their character.

    The most vocal haters will rise to the top among all the regular dialogue that speaks well about these characters (warranted or not). The whole thing with Rose is silly because the odds of a show just for her happening is the same as all the Star Wars nerds having a movie abolished from canon.

    The politics of Star Wars is impacted by the writers/directors being a combination of multiple people who did not carry one thing into the next. Compared to Harry Potter, it was written and directed by multiple people but it was all based upon a source material. Star Wars is a completely original story and I feel that the Legends stories impacted a lot of fans who grew up reading about how Luke, Leia and Han kept kicking ass against the Empire's attempts to rebuild the Republic.

    JJ Abrams brought in Meriadoc Brandybuck from LotR just to explain Sith + Clones = Palpatine... I mean forget there was an entire movie called "Attack of the Clones" and a TV show called "Clone Wars" and how in A New Hope Obi-Wan talked about how people fought in the "Clone Wars..."

  • Thanks for your thoughts Sam, some really good points.

    Just ran across this relevant article:

    Apparently Rose's scenes had to be cut back because they couldnt get the level of CGI they wanted.

    Agreed that multiple writers and directors and producers makes the politics situation worse.. I mean, it has effected things in a lot of ways and is maybe a good example now of what NOT to do. I dont like the Marvel Comics movies much but you can see that at least there was ONE vision they worked towards.

  • I think that Star Wars is so big now that I wonder what would happen if ESB was brought to a time when people could say whatever they want... what would people think about a Black character becoming the Chief Administrator of Cloud City if they had Twitter, Reddit, etc in 1980?

    It would probably sounds like this.

    Youtube Video

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