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#420 Philadelphia Eagles 1-1-20 Wild Card Weekend

  • @sammyc521, @Zeb-Stark, & @Veda-the-Moor are headed to the playoffs but looming questions about non-called penalties, delay of games, the clock management hang over the team as they failed to get the game-winning TD and now have to travel for the playoffs instead of hosting as the NFC West Champ. Join us on this special New Years day podcast!

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    The Seahawks had the NFC West within their grasp but after a 4th-down catch at the half-yard line, a delay of game, a non-PI call on 3rd down and a catch just inches short of the goalline left the Seahawks at the #5 seed while the Niners took the #1 seed. The Seahawks travel to the one team that is potentially more hurt by player injures; the Philadelphia Eagles. Early week injury reports already look pretty bad for both teams. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast brought to you by the Hawk Cast Forum.

    Topic #1 How would you grade the 2019 Seahawks season?
    Topic #2 Was the return of Beastmode everything you'd thought it would be?
    Topic #3 Seahawks Twitter - What would the Trial of Pete Carroll look like?
    Topic #4 Philadelphia Eagles Is this the best playoff match-up to make the Superbowl?

    Final Score: Seahawks @ Eagles
    MVP Game: Wilson vs. Wentz
    1st Injury Absence: Seahawks or Eagles
    Biggest Loss Potential: Missed Tackles or Lack of Pass Rush
    Wild Card Winners: Bills @ Texans, Titans @ Patriots, Vikings @ Saints

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