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Merry Christmas! Home stretch of 2019!

  • Its already the day after Christmas for you..and its wrapping up over there, just about.

    I hope everyone has enjoyed Christmas this year. Its usually my favorite time of the year, and I was able to sneak in a few Christmas-y things this year.. went to see illumination, purposefully watched A Christmas Carol twice (1984 version with George C Scott), and so on...but overall my schedule didnt allow me to get deep into Christmas this year and it snuck up on me until I found myself wrapping presents at 4:30am , just a couple hours before they would inevitably opened.

    Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas out of the way, there is now just New Years Eve and the year will be over.

    What a year.. politically, Ive never ever been so depressed. Same with a few "global" perspectives.

    Personally, a few things right at the end of the year have gone right and so I end the year not too down. I give the year a 2 globally and a 7 personally.

    Not really sure the point of this post except to mark the end of another year..

    Merry Christmas to all and I look forward to 2020!

  • Merry Christmas.

    I think it's a been a weird year in all aspects; sports, entertainment, and politics.

    Looking forward to what 2020 brings but here's to a healthy year for everyone.

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