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CJ Anderson upset at Seahawks/NFL after not being signed


    “Lord knows what I want to say. If he leaks then text messages that would make my day,” Anderson wrote. “Man oh man this is the reason why I’m done with ball. Performance base business huh.”

    Anderson referenced something that happened during the offseason of 2017, when he was with the Broncos, as the moment he began to see the business of football differently.

    “You don’t even know the half of It. It would be rude to all Seattle fans what they told me and my agent. Once again that’s the Game not Football there is a difference,” Anderson wrote. “Some of the people never have to experience the Game. I’m Happy for those people. Unfortunately I was the unlucky one who had to play the Game instead of football. All started back April 9 2017. The Football was no longer football for me. It became the Game after that.”

    So what do you guys think he's talking about here? Does he believe that he's been passed over for Marshawn and other players for reasons other than not being the best option available? Does he think that he'd be the better option for the Seahawks right now but was bypassed for reasons other than football abilities? I'm curious exactly what he's trying to say.

  • Apparently Justin Forsett isn't particularly happy with the decision either haha.

  • Forsett's at least seems like its in good fun. CJ ..well.. sorry man. Its not just about ability, its scheme fit and playbook knowledge. Dont have any time to teach you.. we need to win THIS week.

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