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Game #13 Seattle Seahawks (10-2) @ Los Angeles Ram (7-5) Sunday Night Football

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    Sunday Night Football
    Channel: NBC
    Time: 5:15PM
    Location: Los Angeles Coliseum
    Odds: Rams -1

  • With a win, Seahawk lock a playoff spot - no other contingencies.

    Niners need a win + LA Rams loss so they can't clinch anything this week by themselves.

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    Shame that Ziggy is inactive; maybe we'll see Shaqueem get a larger role on passing downs?

    Cody Barton with the start with Kendricks not able go I guess.

  • Playing from behind and not being able to rely on the run is hurting the Seahawks.

    Still driving for the Wild Card and as long as they stay within a win of SF, they could still win the division for their week 17 match up.

  • I'm just holding my breath until we make the playoffs. A high seed would be nice but this team on the road can cause some trouble for other teams.

    Honestly, I never expected the Hawks to have this record this season. What this season has done for me is really raised my expectations for next year. SB or bust type of thing. But this season, I'm more or less along for the ride for everything they can accomplish. Its a little bit of a different feeling than expecting them to make a SB run. I kinda enjoy it. BUT, we do have to make the playoffs after going 10-3. Missing the playoffs would be the only way this season could be a disappointment for me.

  • What a beatdown. Rams playing their best football right now and could easily be 10-3.

    Man Russ and the rest of our passing game has looked anemic the last few weeks. I know we've been running the ball well, but if we have to play from behind I'm not feeling all that confident in what we're seeing right now.

    Hope this is a wake up call.

  • Penny out for the year due to a torn ACL. Won't be back until Training Camp and that means he'll have to do his best to be ready for camp...

    This year he admitted he needed to take his health into consideration and in the previous year he broke his hand and gained weight too. Hope his outlook keeps him in that game mind-set.

  • @sammyc521 said in Game #13 Seattle Seahawks (10-2) @ Los Angeles Ram (7-5) Sunday Night Football:

    Playing from behind and not being able to rely on the run is hurting the Seahawks.

    The run is killing us dude -

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