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Seahawks Super Bowl talk

  • On Inside The NFL on Showtime, Brandon Marshall has Seahawks over Patriots in Super Bowl. I think Ray Lewis had Ravens over Seahawks. I think most of this talk was the belief that Hawks would win the west and get a bye. Personally, I never expected any SB talk this season but I do love hearing it. This team has exceeded my expectations barring missing the playoffs I already consider this season a success.

  • I mean... I didn't think we would be at 10-2 this late into the year. I remember when we were 8-4 and thinking, "Oh man if we only make a run" to then see them go 1-3.

    Just getting to double-digit wins makes them huge contenders based on their current wave.

    Lots of people are giving credit to the Seahawks as their losses are to the 10-win Ravens and 10-win Saints. The Niners have losses to the 10-win Ravens and 10-win Seahawks.

    The Ravens have lost to the 5-win Browns and 8-win Chiefs; the Patriots have lost to the 10-win Ravens and 8-win Texans; the Saints have losses to the 3-win Falcons and 7-win Rams.

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