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Game #10 Seattle Seahawks (7-2) @ San Francisco 49ers (8-0)

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    Monday Night Football
    Channel ESPN
    Time 5:15 PM PST
    Location Levi Stadium
    Odds SF +6

  • Not feeling super confident in a Seahawks win but I expect it to be a fun game.

  • I'm with ya Sammy. For me, the best part about the Hawks playing Monday night is a full Sunday of RedZone.

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    Ok, I know I don't feel good about this game but it still kinda irks me when the Hawks get overwhelmingly picked against. Man, I would love to get a win Monday night. I'm just trying to prepare for the worst and the worst is we may not get the division but a Wild Card is still very much in play.

  • We're gonna win. I can feel it.

  • I think I'm just out of sorts a bit. I've not been feeling well over the past week. It may have created the lens I'm seeing this game through.

    This season is like a horror movie and each football game presents its own challenges. Tonights game is like a boss battle. The gnarliest creature we'll see so far in this "movie" and the meeting is now imminent. I'm starting to get restless in my seat. Once the battle begins I squint my eyes and try to turn away. I might even cover my face with my hands and wrestle with the idea of peeking through my fingers or not. To make matters worse, the soundtrack. Nothing but cheers for the monster and having to listen to a constant discussion about the monsters greatness and the futility of my hero's efforts. Oh why do I do this to myself?

    Or I'll just watch the game with a muscle relaxer and some nachos. I don't know at this point.


  • I am going into this game expecting a loss because the paper match does not bode well for the Seahawks.

    Usually our defense keeps us in games (and so far we have not lost because of our defense... they're not stopping anyone but we have not lost because of them). While that's a very rose-colored look they have also not really secured a huge win for us either. Add that the Niners have been super efficient on the ground doesnt bode well for our undersized DL to take that kind of punishment all day long and a secondary that doesnt give up huge explosive plays but lots of intermediate passes that can turn big.

    Teams that are willing to take small chunks of field and that can do it well eat up yards, TOP and possessions so well against this defense...

    That being said, Russell Wilson could light the world on-fire with a strong offensive performance that etches his name down for 2019. If Seattle is going to win it will be on his shoulders.

  • So glad to be wrong.

  • What a game. What a win. What I was right about was it being a close game that would likely be won by the team who held the ball last. What I was wrong about though was that I didn't expect in a million years for our defense to play as well as they did. I expected the team to be up for this one and I conjectured that Coach Pete would have stressed the importance of this game, but I was not expecting that LOB-worthy performance.

    Clowney, obviously, was completely lights out. But that whole D line looked like they were promised furtile lands and chests of treasure in exchange for sacks. The LBs looked good (wish they could catch) as did the DBs (wish they could catch). Offense struggled a bit but against that defense, which is arguably the best in the league right now, they did what they had to do to win the game.

    If this is the attitude and intensity we can expect from the D going forward then my optimism may move on from its current cautious state.

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