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2019 Mid-Way Awards

  • MVP - Russell Wilson
    Offensive Player of the Year - Russell Wilson
    Defensive Player of the Year - Shaquill Griffin
    Rookie of the Year - DK Metcalf
    Come-Back Player of the Year - Will Dissly
    Best New Seahawk - Jadeveon Clowney

    Russell Wilson wins all the awards because he's been amazing in all his games (minus the Baltimore game). He is the sole reason why the Seahawks are 6-2.

    Shaquill is my DPoY because he's been consistently great on the LCB and could be a Pro-Bowler if he can get some INTs. He's been more dependable than other players like Wagner who I feel isn't playing as well because he's asked to play a lot more base which potentially takes him away from the LOS.

    DK is easily the rookie of the year based on his production. You expect a 2nd round pick to help your team but he's basically become our #2 threat and #1 threat in the Redzone; he's currently a top target in the redzone across the NFL.

    Will will eventually lose this because he won't finish the year but through the half-way point he was on his way to a Pro-Bowl year.

    Jadeveon has been a huge win for the Seahawks and this is not even factoring his small cost; while he doesn't have a ton of numbers to show for it he's still disrupting so much. Think if he had some pre-season games and camp with this team instead of playing in Week 1 with zero reps.

  • I think I actually would give Clowney the DPOY. And that says a lot about the state of our defense since he isnt racking up sacks or anything. But hes a disruptor and teams account for hi.

    Negative awards:

    Biggest Drop Off: David Moore?

    Liability Award: T2

    Biggest Disappointment: Ansah..? Rookie WRs not named Metcalf?

  • MVP is Russ no question. If its only one award per person then Carson gets my OPY. I am just so enamored with his style of running. True punisher. DPY is Griffin by a hair, and more than likely Clowney will end the year with it. No Come Back Player award for me. Dissly was back, then he wasn't which takes him out of the running in my hard-ass award show.

    Negative awards:

    What I call the "WR Bench" would get the Most Disappointing Award. Not one player has stood up to be THE third receiver. We got Lockett, DK, and some dudes. Or duds. Some days they earn the "e" and some they don't.

    The WR Bench very narrowly beat out the "QB Pressure" group. I'm just believing in Coach's words when he says the Pass Rush is coming. I'll be here tapping my foot like a sassy b**ch waiting to see it.

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