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Week 9 Roster moves

  • Per Mike Dugar on Twitter:

    Seahawks put Tedric Thompson on injured reserve with a shoulder injury. Tight end Ed Dickson has been designated for return off IR. DE defensive end Dekoda Watson will take T2 spot on the roster for now.

    So that means that Blair will be our 2nd safety with McDougald/Diggs or at least rotation through.

    Seahawks are looking for TE Ed Dickson to return; he looked great in his short time last year but was inconsistent.

  • So.. when they add Ed Dickson..who gets the boot?

    Man, Diggs needs to heal fast. At least while healing he can learn the play book.

  • I think they never filled Britt's spot once he got IR'd.

  • @sammyc521 They promoted Roos the same day they IR'd Britt. Pete mentioned in a press conference that Hunt is the Center and Roos has been working the past 8 weeks at the center position so he's the backup.

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