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Your thoughts at the midway point?

  • Jim Moore
    Seahawks' opponents' combined record in first half of season: 25-34-1. Second half: 38-20-1. They have only two teams with losing records left on the schedule, Tampa Bay (2-5) this week and Arizona (3-4-1) in next-to-last week of the season.

    The Seahawks are 6-2 through the first 8 games. The teams of the next 8 have a much better combined record. So I was wondering what have we learned about this team on offense, defense and overall, that we could use to help us predict the record for the final 8 games of the season?

    4 of the next eight will be night games. Will that give the Seahawks an advantage given their primetime record?

    What is your final 8 game (or overall) record prediction given everything we now know at this midway point?

  • Well...sort of. the 49ers twice at 7-0. That skews that number terribly. How we match up with them, is how we match up..its misleading to count them as 7-0 twice.

    Philly is 4-4 and doesnt look right. Minnessota is 6-2 and might be legit but not out of our league. Carolina is 4-3.

    I think we are about to get better. We are about to get more dynamic at safety. Reed will get his rust off. I think we will get faster at Linebacker.

    O line is a concern and I finally agree with @Birdfinger we need something better at TE. Trade deadline coming!

  • Overall, the defense hasn't really been outstanding in any real measurable aspect. Maybe turnovers. The O doesn't turn the ball over much at all so we should be in + territory overall. No Ball Hawking going on. No Sackmaster. If you're an optimist you'll think we're 6-2 and be excited about how awesome we will be when these things start clicking. Me, I'm stoked at 6-2 without all that business but gosh sakes Show Me its starting to click instead of saying it for weeks on end. Everything they have showed me up to this point makes me wonder if the better teams we're playing in the 2nd half of the season will be the ones eeking out (is "eeking" a word?) 1, 2, or 3 point wins against us.

    Personally I think once the defense can get to the Quarterbacks and start smackin' 'em around a bit the defense will snap into place the way Pete likes. He'll start lauding the D instead of saying "We're not there yet" week after week.

    Offensively, the running game with Carson is getting beastly. The passing game leaves me wishing we had at least one more real receiving threat. Lockett is amazing and DK is good and will be getting better and better. Then we got Carson out of the backfield, which is good. Willson and Holister at TE which is... ok. Then finally the WR Bench which to me is the weakest part of the offense. No one has stood up to take the 3rd and 4th spots. They're just a hodge-podge group of true pedestrians up to this point.

    Thankfully Russ has the abilities to make plays few other QB's can make which along with the Hawks running game, makes this offense difficult to defend against.

    As things stand, my worst case record is 3-5 split ending the year at 9-7. Thats if the ball just will not bounce our way. However, If we start getting to the QB and a couple pass-catchers start clicking, I see a split with the 9ers, a narrow loss to the Rams for a 6-2 record and a 12-4 finish.

    So, for my prediction. I see the defense coming together and/but the offense maintaining status quo. Therefore Birdfinger is forecasting a 4-4 finish with wins over the Bucs, Eagles, Panthers and Cardinals for a 10-6 final record.

  • I can't pretend to be super optimistic about the second half of the season. I'm not really a numbers guy, I don't particularly care what the records are and all that, but I watch this team pretty closely and while they've been able to put enough points on the board and make the stops when they need to for the most part, I'm just not convinced that winning all these close games is sustainable for an entire season and into the playoffs. I think that in order to go 6-2 or 5-3 over the next two months they're going to have to tighten up ship on defense or keep their foot on the gas pedal a little longer when they're racking up points. They've played some good football but I just can't shake the thought that they lost to the two best teams they've played so far and they're going to face more of those good teams in the coming weeks.

    10-6 may not be enough this year to get in, but even if it is, going 4-4 in the second half of the season and hoping for a wild card really has that "backing into the playoffs" feel to it. And while teams like the Giants, Ravens & Steelers have been able to make that sort of thing work in recent years, it's neither a comfortable nor confident place to be. While the Seahawks certainly still control their own destiny, having the 9ers, Saints & Packers lose a few games over the coming weeks sure would make me feel a little better.

    I believe in this team and I believe in Pete Carroll, but I just need to see a little bit more good football to believe this team has a deep playoff run in them.

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