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Hawks vs 49ers

  • The 9ers are unfortunately legit. What's the hawks outlook against them?

  • I have to say I’m nervous and surprised. I did not see them getting so good so fast. What’s the key?

    They don’t seem to have real stars on offense.. but they just put up 51 on Carolina . Their D is fast and fluid. Bosa is a monster.

    So.. what do we do?

  • I am looking at the schedule and it's pretty close to what the Seahawks have played.

    Niner Wins:
    Tampa (Seattle plays them this week)
    Bengals (Seahawks won)
    Steelers (Seahawks won)
    Brown (Seahawks won)
    Rams (Seahawks won)
    Washington (Seahawks will play the Eagles)
    Panthers (Seahawks play later)

    They have four common wins against three AFC North teams; the Niners play the Ravens and the Saints.

    I would have expected the Seahawks to win all these games with the Rams and Panthers being the only ones that would be a Seahawks toss-up in my opinion.

    They are definitely destroying some of these teams which is why people are worried. I am most worried about their run game and the health of our OLine.

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