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Pete Carroll: Coach of the Year or Lucky not to be fired

  • So Seahawks Twitter was in rare form when the Seahawks were down 20-6 in the 2nd quarter against the pre-season favorites the Cleveland Browns. I know that I was extremely worried that our late-game magic would eventually run out especially after we don't get any yardage when we stopped the Browns on 4th and Goal at the 2... and then for 2018's Wunderkid Michael Dickson to shank a punt for 23 yards. This gave the ball back to the Browns with another short conversion opportunity.

    After the game, Pete said he planned for Dickson to take a knee and basically give up the safety instead of letting the Browns get good field position.

    The problem I see is that people are fixed on what happens in the game rather than the finals results. Seahawks could easily be 1-5 right now based upon winning games by 1 point, 2 points (twice) and now 4 points.

    I agree that this is not a perfect team... but a team that knows how to play ugly football. How much of that do I attribute to Pete? Well I think he's the architect behind all of it. That goes from the personal, to the offensive/defensive philosophy. Pete is touching everything and through 6 games, he's succeeding.

    For some people that's not enough but I can't see any reason to argue that Pete should be fired or give all credit to Russ in what is shaping up to be an MVP-year for him. I am not immune to the frustration of these games where it's never an comfortable win that I can just relax throughout the game... but at the end of it all the Seahawks sit at 5-1, tied for the 2nd best record in the NFC and sit 2nd place behind an undefeated San Francisco team. The positives outweigh all the negatives at 5-1 and there's still room for improvement with DT Jaran Reed coming back this week.

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