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#410 Cleveland Browns 10-9-19

  • @Zeb-Stark, & @Veda-the-Moor welcome back the once-banished @sammyc521 back to the Hawks Cast Podcast as they get ready to take on the Pre-Season Superbowl Champion Cleveland Browns. The squad talks about the amazing Thursday Night Game as well.

    Join them live by going to their channel;

  • So Browns got embarrassed by the Niners and havent gotten a home win yet... dare I say "Trap Game?"

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    Seahawks survive a nail-bitter at home against the defending NFC Champion LA Rams. The game could have gone either way but the spirit of Paul Allen pushed that kick just right enough for the Seahawks to escape with a 4-1 record on the year. The Seahawks shined on Thursday Night with the nation watching and Sam got to see what Ross deals with for games in a different time zone. We talk about the upcoming game against the Cleveland Browns as this is the Hawks Cast Podcast brought to you by the Hawks Cast Forum.

    Topic #1 Who has been the biggest reason for the Seahawks success through these first 5 games?
    Topic #2 Is the NFC West the best division in the NFL?
    Topic #3 Russell Wilson MVP Talk
    Topic #4 Has the Hype Train failed the Cleveland Browns?

    Final Score Seahawks @ Browns
    Yes/No MVP Season Continues
    Yes/No No Handshaking Drama
    Yes/No Pete messes up a 2-minute drill
    Yes/No 30+ yard catch for DK
    Yes/No Defensive Turnover
    Yes/No Baker gets benched in the game
    Yes/No Schneider is talking trades

  • Another great podcast!

    I thought i'd chip in with my experiences of watching from overseas...

    For my money, the UK has the best viewing slots. I lived there for 11 years and for me the timeslots were ideal. 6pm and 9pm on a Sunday evening for the 10am & 1pm PST games. For me that's the time with the least distractions. I'd struggle in the USA, especially on the west coast, as my weekends are usually pretty busy running the kids around and doing stuff with the family. Watching 6 hours of football every Sunday would drive my wife nuts, but realistically I don't think I'd get a chance to do it that often.

    The night games in the UK were less than ideal, however, kicking off at 1.30am and finishing at about 4.30. After some of those games, the 49ers ones in particular come to mind, you'd be so amped up that there was no chance of sleep before having to go to work.

    For the past four years or so I've been back in New Zealand and the viewing slots here are awful. The 10am and 1pm windows are Monday morning at 6am and 9am, which are impossible to watch if you work regular hours. Fortunately, Gamepass has all the games on demand and , if you wait until a few hours after the end of the game, all commercials etc are edited out, which is fantastic. I actually find it pretty tough to watch games live now because of this. This also has the benefit of forcing me to spend at least 1 day a week off the internet for fear of seeing the result.

  • I found the MVP conversation interesting. I find the title of the award a little confusing. I always thought that the MVP should just be the best player in the league. Value can be interpreted in a variety of ways, especially in a salary-capped league. Most Important Player, or Most Impactful Player might be a better title (albeit with an inferior acronym). Soccer has the Ballon d'Or, which is simply the best/most talented footballer award.

    Football's interesting though as, if you were selecting a team from scratch, fantasy draft style, I think most people's priority would be to try to get a good QB, even if it's at the expense of an arguably better player (Donald, Mack, Barkley, Hopkins, McCaffery etc). In that situation I'd probably choose Deshaun Watson over Aaron Donald, even though I think Aaron Donald is the best of the best at his position and Watson probably ranks about 5th at his.

    However, if McCaffery can continue this form and the Panthers finish 12-4 in spite of middling QB play, he'd have to be an MVP candidate, such has been the extent that he has carried that offense.

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