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    So @Zeb-Stark and @Veda-the-Moor always end up talking about Star Wars now and again. We ended up on a path towards the Prequels and the conversation ends up, "well, none of us like them but is there anything redeemable about them?"

    So I know that I couldn't stomach watching all three Prequels so I searched for a couple of fan edits that have condensed them into one movie.

    Currently I'm watching Dawn of the Empire which is a 2.5 hour edit of the like 5-minutes of the Phantom Menace and then 2.45 hours of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

    My take aways:

    • There's so much unnecessary fluff in all three movies that can easily be cut without losing the central theme.
    • Jar Jar is 99.9% cut out of the movie; he gets one scene but never speaks.
    • Phantom Menace is handle via a title-scroll instead of a movie; (no podracing, no midichlorians, no immaculate Jedi conception, no Gungans, no drawn-out Padme hidden among the servants, and no Jedi Council).
    • Actually, almost no Jedi Council at all in the movie.
    • General Genevious is gone.
    • The Republic should have used star ships that more closely resemble TIE Fighters and not the ships that look like the traditional ships you see in the OG Trilogy (A-Wings, B-Wings, X-Wings, & Y-Wings).
    • Their cruisers are essentially OG Star Destroyers but not their star ships... weird.
    • Removed a lot of the slapstick humor; Jar Jar, the Droids silly banter, and no accidental victories.
    • Attack of the Clones focus on Dooku's rise along with the creation of the Clone army.
    • Revenge of the Sith focuses on Anakin's fall.

    What I find interesting right now is that this fan edit was created out of frustration of something that long-time fans loathe... the Prequels. So now I think about all the people that feel that same frustration that has fans much more torn when it comes to the new Trilogy, especially The Last Jedi.

    Anyway, I recommend you search for a condensed movie if you're ever in the mood for the Prequels and don't want to sit through 6+ hours of them.

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  • sammyc521

    So many of my fantasy football leagues are starting up again.

    Currently, I'm going to be in at least 4 leagues:

    • League where I'm the Commish and it'll be our 15th year
    • Podcast League (2nd year)
    • Work League (my 2nd year; left last year and was asked to join again)
    • @Veda-the-Moor league (can't remember how many years)

    Now that these leagues have opened up, I can start mock drafting again.

    So far I've done 4 Standard Drafts and 1 Auction Draft. The Auction Draft was a complete waste of time because it was all bots and they just jack the price up immediately on all players.

    In the 4 Standard Drafts I've noticed that there are some players who are going super early and some that maybe "sleepers."

    In regards to Seahawks, this seems to be the average round they get picked in:

    • 2nd Round WR Doug Baldwin
    • 3rd-5th Round RB Rashaad Penny
    • 4th-5th Round QB Russell Wilson
    • 9-14th Round DEF Seattle


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  • Hawks Cast

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    Find the FanTable Podcast on Google or iTunes.

    Get the latest podcast directly to your mobile device as soon as a new episode is released.

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  • Veda the Moor

    Quick side point for those who think Ive just become a hater..

    The fight between Kenobi and Maul in Rebels.. is absolutely brilliant. Like, stunning in its depth ..what people thought to include. (spoiler..?) Having him win because he tricked Maul into thinking he was using Qui Gon's style.. its just amazing to have included that. I still dont think its cool to have brought Maul back at all, and would challenge anyone to a duel that says shit like "Darth Maul is the coolest part of the prequels"..BUT that episode of Rebels was Rebels at its best.

    Lucas ..in on the Kenobi movie.. you know, I might be ok with that. I wouldnt have been a couple years ago. But I dont know where to go right now with Star Wars. Lucas utterly messed up the prequels. I know people are trying to rehabilitate them now.. some because Disney money, some because they want to rehabilitate Lucas.. but the prequels are awful as cinema art. Awful. Literally not 2 lines in a row of dialog actually make sense. So there is that. But , whether you like or dislike the new trilogy there is no escaping it has turned away swarms of fans as well. So..where are we at? I THINK.. I think.. I would be ok with going back to make Lucas sort of the Czar..keeper of the Whills.. but give him someone else to interpret his reading of the Force such as it is. If you catch my drift.

    Enfys Nest.. that should have been the movie they made and I agree thats where I would go next. Theyve stumbled across something that is actually intriguing and interesting...open ended and fun and fresh..

    I dont need more a feminist robot that actually seems to be mocking liberals by being liberal.. I dont need to know what Kenobi was doing.. I get to keep some of my own stories dammit. I dont need to know about the bounty hunter on Ord Mandel.. I dont need to know what Snaggletooth (or whatever name they gave him later) was ordering in the Cantina.

    I Do want to know what happens if you were born Force sensitive after the rise of the Empire and you had this innate ability with no training or hope of being trained... and how it maybe sometimes enriched your life but also made it difficult and sad.

    I do want a movie showing how systems went through a cycle.. of joining the Empire.. losing autonomy..suffering under tyranny, and slowly and organically developing a resistance.

    I do want to see 4 brothers sent off to fight for the Imperials.. 2 die.. the remaining 2 learn opposite lessons.. one joining the Rebels, one rising to a trusted officer in the Imperial Navy.. and then one day fate brings them face to face in an abandoned Rebel base on Hoth..

    Goddam..give me something ORIGINAL... dont be afraid to make NEW shit.. I PROMISE we will watch it..

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  • Veda the Moor

    Its a bit of an issue that theyve created with the stand alones. Every time you create an interesting character there is a segment of fans that wants to spend more time with THAT character, then the studios get tempted by the dollars there. After Rogue One there was quite a push to see more of Jyn Erso..this time people want more Lando, more Han. Sammy is the first Ive heard of wanting more of that droid.. but same idea.

    They set up something with the Maul / Qi'ra thing, but Im pretty sure that is tied in with the Obi Wan movie..which then makes that sort of a sequel and starts killing the idea these are stand alone films..

    Working Lando into the trilogy though should be easy.. he would be famous, he blew up the 2nd Death Star and probably served the Republic for a while. Then maybe got disillusioned..? Maybe even was upset about being in everyone's shadow and now with everyone else gone and the Resistance in trouble .. they go to him -- living as a sort of war lord somewhere with his own small military.. and they pull him out, giving him a chance to prove he was every bit the equal of Han, Leia and Luke. Chewbacca would have something to do!

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  • sammyc521

    Meh... I want a Lando movie with L3 before they meet Han and Chewie.

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  • Veda the Moor

    I assume he dies then...

    I suppose with the Resistance..Rebellion..the good guys..oh..wait..we dont want good.. the Gray Guys..? on the ropes they will go and seek out Lando's help to add some muscle to fight the Imperial..the First.. the..OTHER gray guys...

    And Lando will have to die because each movie does that know.. you get a Han send off, a Luke send off...probably IX was meant to be Leia's send off but the universe had other plans..

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  • L

    I wouldn't mind seeing him as a SS coach. Anything to get him and his energy into the locker room.

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  • Veda the Moor

    I'm waiting for the books that come out in 15 years about the behind the scenes, locker room atmosphere.

    So sorry to see him go.

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