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    Seattle wins their 4th game in-a-row to reach 8-5 and they are driving towards the playoffs with one more win. In their wake they see the Packers fire their coach, the Viking fire their OC and the Panthers have lost five in-a-row. They return to Santa Clara where they can clinch a playoff spot in the face of Richard Sherman. This is the Seahawks FanTable Podcast brought to you by the Hawks Cast Forum.

    Topic #1 Can the Seahawks bring this team into the playoff and expect to make some noise?
    Topic #2 Has our D turned a corner or was the performance vs. the Vikings just scheme?
    Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - 2018 is a fun Seahawks year thanks in part to @cablethanos_ (https://forum.hawkscast.com/topic/750/2018-is-a-fun-seahawks-year-thanks-in-part-to-cablethanos_)
    Topic #4 San Francisco 49ers - Is there anything more dominant than the Seahawks playing in Santa Clara?

    Final Score: Seattle @ San Francisco
    More Yards: Russell Throwing or RB Rushing
    More Attempts: Mullens Passing or Seahawks Rushing
    Yes/No: Seahawks Allow Points in the 1st QTR?
    Yes/No: Nick Mullens finishes the game for SF?
    Yes/No: Richard Sherman gets targeted in the 1st Half?
    Over/Under: Seahawks 170.5 Rushing Yards
    Over/Under: Seahawks Defense 375 Pass Yards
    Over/Under: Turnovers Forced 2.5

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  • sammyc521

    For those of you that abstain from the craziness that is "Seahawks Twitter," please reconsider for a second if you were to watch these 2+ minutes videos made by Seahawks Fan @CableThanos_

    It's not their real name; they use to use the Twitter handle "@CalvinBoolidge" but it's no more. The reference is to former OL Coach Tom Cable and Thanos, the mad Titan who wants to prune the world. Well put them together and you get this meme they made:

    The first video is from Halloween after the win against Detroit. The 2018 Seahawks have arrived people. Within the video you get to see all the media talking about how bad the Seahawks were after their first two games.

    The 2nd video is from Nov 16th with a focus on DJ Fluker. Let this be a lesson, never count out the 2018 Seahawks more than 5 times.

    This one opens with Collin Cowherd talking about the shelf-life of Pete Carroll's rah-rah coaching; The 2018 Seahawks have arrived and are here to stay.

    Then he issues a warning to the rest of the NFL. Alert your local NFL teams, the Seahawks are coming.

    And his latest video he gets a retweet from Russell Wilson with a request for a Pro Bowl Hype video for the Seahawks. oh my god the Seahawks are 8-5


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  • sammyc521

    More tears, this time by the Vikings play-by-play radio team.

    950 AM KJR Softy Opponent Audio Recap - Minnesota Vikings with Paul Allen, Ben Leber, and Pete Bercich

    It's 26-minutes of the Vikings radio and their commentary from the game. Worth listening to for the opportunity see how the opposing radio looks at the game unfolding.

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  • Veda the Moor

    That top ESPN article is really good with a cool graphic of Penny's cut back run. Im having so much fun this season!

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  • Veda the Moor

    So...Shanahan is safe, John Lynch is updating his resume? lol

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  • sammyc521

    Youtube Video

    I'm awful at this game but it's still stupid fun.

    There's the best mode which is just beating up your friends but there's a new mode called World of Light that is basically Smash + RPG Grinding + Gotta Catch 'Em All Style cards.

    This video is a bunch of Marvel Movie Stunt guys that made this video.

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  • Hawks Cast

    @sammyc521, @Zeb-Stark, & @Veda-the-Moor revel in the sweet, sweet victory and current #5 seed in the playoffs. With another win, the Seahawks are a lock for the Wild Card in Santa Clara. The FanTable gets together to talk about what they'll need to do.

    Join them live by going to their channel; https://www.twitch.tv/seahawksfantable

    Get your questions in; we've love to get you guys involved. Any topic added to the main forum may be selected for the third topic: the Hawks Cast Corner.

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  • sammyc521

    If you want to drink in the tears of the Vikings, read from the DailyNorseman.com.

    It was another abysmal performance by the offense that wasted another defensive performance that should have been good enough to beat a winning team on the road. Russell Wilson was held to a career-low 72 yards passing and Seattle had three points through three quarters, but it still wasn’t enough. Kirk Cousins did nothing to dispel the narrative that he doesn’t show up for big games. The offensive line got off to a rough start, but even after they started protecting better as the game went on, Cousins appeared to be hearing footsteps and missing open receivers. There was nothing “extra special” about the Vikings’ performance on Monday night, unless you count the fact that it got Offensive Coordinator John DeFilippo fired. The play calling was more balanced than last week in New England, but the results weren’t any better.

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  • sammyc521

    Seahawks leaving former coaches/GMs in their wake.

    Packers lose to Seattle, couple of weeks later McCarthy get fired.

    Seahawks trounce the Raiders in London, their GM gets fired.

    Bring it on NFL!

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  • Birdfinger


    PFT - Vikings fire John DeFilippo

    The former Eagles quarterbacks coach, pegged by many in the media as a favorite for a head-coaching gig in 2019, had become the focal point of rampant criticism for his refusal to embrace the run, and for the overall ineffectiveness of the offense. Last night’s loss to the Seahawks became the low point for the 2017 NFC finalists.

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