• Draft Rumor: Seahawks demanding a 1st-Rounder for DE Frank Clark

    So the rumor flying around the interwebs, pre-draft/post-Wilson extension is that the Seahawks are willing to move their sack-leading DE Frank Clark for a 1st-round pick in the 2019 (2020?) draft.

    This is especially important for the Seahawks because they rarely use their 1st-round pick on actual players (OT Germaine Ifedi and DE Bruce Irvin) being the most recent examples (not including the trades for WR Percy Harvin and TE Jimmy Graham).

    This could all be just some fluff because Clark is Franchised Tagged and has no options if the Seahawks have not attempted to negotiate a long-term deal.

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  • #402 Pre-Draft 4-24-19

    @sammyc521, @Zeb-Stark, & @Veda-the-Moor get ready for the draft as the Seahawks are going to use... <check notes> their four draft picks.

    Join them live by going to their channel; https://www.twitch.tv/hawkscast

    Get your questions in; we've love to get you guys involved. Any topic added to the main forum may be selected for the third topic: the Hawks Cast Corner.

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  • RE: Mueller Report Submitted to AG William Barr

    I think there's a huge portion of people that are fatigued... they have more pressing things in their life than what a President does or how he conducts himself. They feel too far removed from his actions to care because it's too much.

    For the people that do care, it's draining. How to convince people to care about something they feel is as-real as thinking about how to spending $1M dollars.

    For the supporters that brush it off... well those people are living in a vacuum and don't see the forest for the trees; they may never feel the brunt of this impact because they think this is "winning." It's no longer about living together peacefully; it's about winning at the sake of someone else losing. No middle ground, no compromise, no crossing the aisle... just winning at all costs.

    The talking points have been laid out by Barr's "non-summary" summary and then his press conference. People hear the first thing and go with because it fits their narrative or fuels their passions.

    Either way, things are still on-going. I don't see this leading to impeachment due to the fact the Senate won't act towards any action against Trump because they are "winning" in the areas they want. While they lost the House in the Midterms, they haven't changed their actions.

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  • RE: Mueller Report Submitted to AG William Barr

    So.. so far the Mueller report says:

    Trump basically committed obstruction, but since Mueller ascribes to the theory that a sitting president cant be indicted its basically up to Congress to act.

    It says even more blatant obstruction only didnt happen because Trump's staff disobeyed orders. (see, Nazis, you can DISOBEY the illegal orders!)

    It also says the Trump campaign expected and planned to benefit from Russian interference in the election and details many, many connections. It stops short of saying collusion because... apparently not coordinated enough.. or not enough evidence.

    It says Trumps written replies to questions were inadequate but that basically Mueller didnt think he could force anything more out of Trump in any time frame that would matter.

    Man..the non collusion stuff is so bad. It shows how bad partisanship has gotten that Republicans are standing by their guy. I dont really understand how anyone is standing by Trump still. Pretty ridiculous.

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  • RE: Mueller Report Submitted to AG William Barr

    DOJ sends everything to congress on CD. There is a security reason for it.

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  • RE: Mueller Report Submitted to AG William Barr

    The redacted Mueller Report has been released.

    I downloaded a copy, all 139MB worth of it. Not sure why the DOJ was sending this to Congress on CDs... Yes, a compact disc.

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  • RE: #401 Off-Season Drama 4-17-19

    Youtube Video

    Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/hawkscast/401-off-season-drama-4-17-19

    The 2019 newly branded Hawks Cast Podcast is here. We've changed our name to match our socks and we're here to rock. The Seahawks open the 2019 season with some big noise by using the Franchise Tag for the first time in years but also extending only the 2nd players in the Pete/John era to a third contract. Seahawks bring back a lot of players from the 2018 team plus some old faces that had a camp appearance too. We're here to break down the off-season moves and the newly announced 2019 schedule. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast with Sam, Zeb and Ross.

    Topic #1 By extending Russell Wilson, are the Seahawks contenders for the playoffs AND the Superbowl?
    Topic #2 With all the moves made, do you still trust Pete and John to build a team that can win this division?
    Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Earl Thomas Retiring as a Seahawk - Zeb (https://forum.hawkscast.com/topic/882/earl-thomas-on-retiring-as-a-seahawk)
    Topic #4 Did the Seahawks come out okay with the newly announced 2019 NFL Schedule?

    2019 Seahawks Wins
    NFC West Winner
    Next Extension
    Next Trade
    Next Acquisition
    Surprise Player that gets cut

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