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  • RE: Mueller Report Submitted to AG William Barr

    So.. so far the Mueller report says:

    Trump basically committed obstruction, but since Mueller ascribes to the theory that a sitting president cant be indicted its basically up to Congress to act.

    It says even more blatant obstruction only didnt happen because Trump's staff disobeyed orders. (see, Nazis, you can DISOBEY the illegal orders!)

    It also says the Trump campaign expected and planned to benefit from Russian interference in the election and details many, many connections. It stops short of saying collusion because... apparently not coordinated enough.. or not enough evidence.

    It says Trumps written replies to questions were inadequate but that basically Mueller didnt think he could force anything more out of Trump in any time frame that would matter.

    Man..the non collusion stuff is so bad. It shows how bad partisanship has gotten that Republicans are standing by their guy. I dont really understand how anyone is standing by Trump still. Pretty ridiculous.

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  • RE: Mueller Report Submitted to AG William Barr

    DOJ sends everything to congress on CD. There is a security reason for it.

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  • RE: Mueller Report Submitted to AG William Barr

    The redacted Mueller Report has been released.

    I downloaded a copy, all 139MB worth of it. Not sure why the DOJ was sending this to Congress on CDs... Yes, a compact disc.

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  • RE: The 2019 Seahawks Schedule is here!

    4 primetime games in a row late in the season could be a lot of fun if we're getting ready for a playoff run, but it could be super rough and embarrassing if we suck hahaha.

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  • RE: The 2019 Seahawks Schedule is here!

    Quick reaction is that this is a favorable schedule for the Seahawks.

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  • RE: Russell Wilson signs 4 year extension....

    It's a lot of money but I don't think it really handcuffs us or keeps us from doing the things we need to do. Bobby, Frank & Jarran are next up to get paid, but outside of them pretty much anybody else who most of us would consider important to retain are under contract through 2021 or 2022. And the salary cap is likely to be upward of $250M at that point, which will make Russell's contract look downright friendly.

    Outside of those three guys named, who else are we going to pay big money to this year or next? We've got pieces at most positions. I think we're poised to do the best we can to keep our current core together, we can win with Russell right now. Our LBs are solid, probably a top 5 group in the League. Our D Line is young and gaining experience. We've got some intriguing up and coming pass rushers in Green & Martin who I think will only benefit from playing with Frank. Our secondary is our biggest question mark on D. I think that Shaq & Tre are a pretty high ceiling, up and coming tandem that are probably good enough. Safety is the obvious glaring deficiency.

    Offensively, our line appeared to improve significantly last year and I think it's fair to conjecture that they will continue to trend upward. We've got a good young stable of RBs in Carson & Penny. Our WR corps is unlikely to change much, depending largely on the health of Doug Baldwin, but we've shown that we're typically able to get along well enough with a bunch of underdogs at the position. If Dissly comes back healthy I think he is a weapon and Ed Dickson is at the very least capable.

    And obviously we're pretty set long term on special teams thanks to the re-addition of Myers

    If the alternative to this is to try to get a bunch of draft picks in exchange for Russell and Frank, hope to hit on a QB in the draft, and then spend a bunch of money on high profile free agents (which I admit, could be a lot of fun in a EA Sports sort of way), I'll take Russell and the squad we have right now.

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  • RE: Star Wars Episode IX (Official Thread)

    I have had similar reservations about JJ as well. I loved TFA when it came out but I've cooled on it a little. Mostly only because it didn't do much to advance the actual story and the lore. It did a great job of introducing the new characters and setting the stage for what was to come, so that I appreciate.

    But I think JJ understands how important this movie is and how crucial it is to get it right. I don't agree that TLJ was a travesty but I do understand and accept that many people do feel that way, so JJ has the added burden of trying to mend a fractured fan base. And I think he's probably used all of his knowledge and resources to shape a story that will be fun and satisfying for most of us.

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  • RE: #401 Off-Season Drama 4-17-19

    or the TV series. The Mandalorian is gonna be awesome.

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