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2018 Seahawks Schedule (Updating)

that almost back to back SF situation looks stupid.

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#301 Offseason Drama 4-18-18

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Welcome everyone to the Seahawks FanTable 2018 Podcast. Our third year opens with a lot of changes in the coaching staff and on our player staff. Multiple starters on offense and defense are no longer with the team and it has some Seahawks fans preparing for the worst.

Topic #1 - Are the Seahawks rebuilding or retooling? Is this how you expected the offseason to go?
Topic #2 - What will have a greater impact to the team; the changes to the offensive coaching staff or the defensive coaching staff?
Topic #3 Homer Corner - Is it harder to be a fan now that the Seahawks have already won a Superbowl?
Topic #4 - Philadelphia Eagles, Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett, & Colin Kaepernick; Are we seeing a backlash with vocal/political athletes?

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First action on Safety Eric Reid visiting the Bengals

He was removed from his starting safety position to play LB because the Niners are a top-quality organization.

They won their last 5 games. Only the Eagles can claim then ended their last game of the year with a run like that.

I think the fact that the safety market as a whole has dropped (thank you for signing a great deal JS/PC with Bradley McDougald) is evident that teams won't value them as much plus teams rarely relying on a single safety (like Earl Thomas).

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Excellent tool as we get closer..

If I good get JS to tell me their plan Id be even more into it.. Im wary of reading up and watching video of all these amazing 1st rounders and falling in love with some of their potential ..then watching us trade out of the first round again.

I really hope we find trade partners for current players to fill in the gaps we need because from my (rest assured very ignorant) eyes there is value in the 1st round this year where we draft...

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Seattle Mariners 2018 Season (8-4)

Enjoy the moment, tomorrow ain't here yet. Go Ms!

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Of Chemical Weapons, Russia, Syria and Trump

The problem will always be... how do you get people to care about more than just their own interests.

People struggle with their own life every day and people want to be acknowledged.

No one cares about an issue until it's at their front door. The US rarely had to deal with the idea of terrorism because it was always isolated outside of the US. Once 9/11 happened it hit our front door and now it's somehow one of the biggest fears for people... even though everyone is more likely to die in a more mundane way statistically speaking.

Back to Syria and Assad, it's truly a weird tipping point where we will either allow cooler heads to prevail (which will probably be lead by a non-US contingent) or we begin massive saber rattling.

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Best drafts, trades, FA pick-ups and your best wins from your fantasy leagues.

I screwed up

Fuck @Veda-the-Moor's Kicker!!!

I was robbed of the playoffs and a potential 2nd place finish because of it!!!!

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Solo: A Star Wars Story discussion

First..the positives:

The new trailer looks much, much better than the trailer. Lando looks better than I expected, though this is going to be the biggest stumbling block for the movie for me.. my "eye" just doesnt accept roles being played by other actors.. so Solo not looking right and Lando being closer but still not Billy Dee is just going to take me out.. BUT , I said the positives. The story line seems the right kind of story line if you feel compelled to make this movie. It doesnt have too much humor apparently.. and that was the big concern before it seems. The effects look great, the new look at the galaxy seems reasonable.. it seems to "fit".

The bad..its in danger of fulfilling every single one of the "check list items" you knew were coming.. we see him get his blaster. We see what looks like its going to be the Kessel Run. Its going to be like the beginning of The Last Crusade where EVERY single quirk about Indiana Jones gets explained and all happened in the same day. I suppose we will see get his pants (apparently even the damn stripe has an explanation in the EU). We will probably see what Lando was supposed to have forgotten about ... and so on. I hope they dont make it that trite..

The other worry is what Ive expressed earlier.. stuff that seems not in character or not thought through. Kind of connected to what I just said.. Han says in Star Wars he made a lot of modifications to the Falcon. I think weve always assumed that was to the INTERIOR or some other smaller things. We assumed that meant the hyperdrive was better. That makes sense. He put in smuggling compartments. That makes sense. I bet those turrets werent standard issue, and neither was that smaller blast cannon that popped out on Hoth when they were escaping.
That all makes sense for a smuggler.. youd be like "we gotta go faster and keep things secret, and we might need to blast out of some place!". But if youre a smuggler.. trying to do things slyly .. would you modify the whole profile of your ship so people immediately notice? Also.. its pretty well established in a lot of things that Falcon has the same basic shape as other TY-1300 ships.. not just in the EU, but in the first movie even when they fly to Alderraan. It doesnt even look bad, but it just doesnt make sense .. Im kind of hoping they also cut the line from the teaser where Han says he wants to be the best pilot in the galaxy. That does not feel like Han. It also feels weird that the Imperial Navy recruits the same way as the US Military.. you show up and choose your job.. really?

Anyway.. too much negative. Before this trailer I was actually dreading this movie but now Im looking forward to it!

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ReachNow (BMW), Car2Go (Daimler/Mercedes-Benz) to join forces.

People on the west coast love their cars though.

I love being in cities with amazing mass transit, love the idea of walking easily to a train station but it's not the culture we subscribe to.

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