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Bobby Wagner is have a low-key MVP-like year

Youtube Video

"That look ugly on you!"

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#320 Minnesota Vikings 12-5-18 Monday Night Football

This is Kirk Cousins cooking a steak... he cannot be allowed to grill let alone QB.

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DE/LB Bruce Irvin cut by the Raiders

ATL is his home town and he gets to pick the best place for him; it was between Seattle and Atlanta.

Good for Bruce and good luck with the Falcons.

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2019 NFLDraft Information

Ok, I'm on it!

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NHL Expansion Vote is today

Just a reminder, here's all the names that OVG has domain registered:

Seattle Cougars Seattle Eagles Seattle Emeralds Seattle Evergreens Seattle Firebirds Seattle Kraken Seattle Rainiers Seattle Renegades Seattle Sea Lions Seattle Seals Seattle Sockeyes Seattle Totems Seattle Whales

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Its crazy... I feel like we are constantly being gas lit by everyone.

How do you have this meaningful conversation when the party in power uses this to gain strength and when the opposing party in power they're claiming that party is doing the same thing.

The similarities between our current government and these dictators and authorians are getting close. Are they the same? No, because we are suppose to have our other two branches of government keeping one in check. At least I hope.

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Foosball 2.0 Leage , 2018 Season!

I won high points again this year so I like starting the playoffs knowing I’m at least going to break even lol. I’ve had some bad luck injury wise but Gurley has been big and I got lucky with Mahomes as those two have been carrying me. Just have to get in as anything can happen in the playoffs. Should be fun!

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Red Dead Redemption 2

I definitely feel like it lived up to the hype. I'm super excited to see what the Online is going to look like. My guess is it'll drop on the last day of the month since it's a Friday and RDR2 itself dropped on the last Friday of October.

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Best Christmas movie? The worst?

Elf to me was SO dumb the first time..Im not much of a Will Ferrell guy or his type of humor, with a couple of exceptions (Blades of Glory being the biggest).. but his unbridled enthusiasm for the role, the imagining of Elf culture..its just too infectious to not like.

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