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Kellen Winslow II

The guy always seemed liked a self absorbed douche canoe.

But he was much, much worse.

And it's not like he suddenly got there. Once they look for similar pattern crimes whom knows what they will find.


Wonder what happened.

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A place to concentrate all all college football and those transitioning to the Pro's.

Seattle Seahawks 2018 NFL Draft

Shaquem still on the board as Seattle selects UW TE Will Dissly at #120.

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For all non-football sports talk; baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, rugby, golf, Olympics, etc.

Seattle Mariners 2018 Season (38-22 1st in the AL West)

Pretty interesting team to follow right now.. if they can take tomorrows game that would say quite a bit too. Paxton is becoming a legit ace.

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Multiple people fatally shot at newspapers in Maryland

Update: Five dead; suspect in custody

Three senior law enforcement officials who were briefed on the shooting said the suspect in custody is a white man. They said it is believed that he used a shotgun. Police would not identify the gun used.
Phil Davis, a Gazette crime reporter who was in the office, recounted the shooting on Twitter.
"Gunman shot through the glass door to the office and opened fire on multiple employees," Davis said. "Can't say much more and don't want to declare anyone dead, but it's bad."

While leaving a helicopter for the White House, Trump did not speak to reporters who asked for his comments on Annapolis; he just walked passed them. He then tweeted that he offers his "thoughts and prayers" and thanked the first responders.

Video of Trump walking away when asked for at comment.

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Best drafts, trades, FA pick-ups and your best wins from your fantasy leagues.

Bro, do you even Mock?

So many of my fantasy football leagues are starting up again.

Currently, I'm going to be in at least 4 leagues:

League where I'm the Commish and it'll be our 15th year Podcast League (2nd year) Work League (my 2nd year; left last year and was asked to join again) @Veda-the-Moor league (can't remember how many years)

Now that these leagues have opened up, I can start mock drafting again.

So far I've done 4 Standard Drafts and 1 Auction Draft. The Auction Draft was a complete waste of time because it was all bots and they just jack the price up immediately on all players.

In the 4 Standard Drafts I've noticed that there are some players who are going super early and some that maybe "sleepers."

In regards to Seahawks, this seems to be the average round they get picked in:

2nd Round WR Doug Baldwin 3rd-5th Round RB Rashaad Penny 4th-5th Round QB Russell Wilson 9-14th Round DEF Seattle


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Let your love for comics, movies, TV, sci-fi, literature, games, PC/Consoles, and more reign free.

The Star Wars Prequels revisited

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So @Zeb-Stark and @Veda-the-Moor always end up talking about Star Wars now and again. We ended up on a path towards the Prequels and the conversation ends up, "well, none of us like them but is there anything redeemable about them?"

So I know that I couldn't stomach watching all three Prequels so I searched for a couple of fan edits that have condensed them into one movie.

Currently I'm watching Dawn of the Empire which is a 2.5 hour edit of the like 5-minutes of the Phantom Menace and then 2.45 hours of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

My take aways:

There's so much unnecessary fluff in all three movies that can easily be cut without losing the central theme. Jar Jar is 99.9% cut out of the movie; he gets one scene but never speaks. Phantom Menace is handle via a title-scroll instead of a movie; (no podracing, no midichlorians, no immaculate Jedi conception, no Gungans, no drawn-out Padme hidden among the servants, and no Jedi Council). Actually, almost no Jedi Council at all in the movie. General Genevious is gone. The Republic should have used star ships that more closely resemble TIE Fighters and not the ships that look like the traditional ships you see in the OG Trilogy (A-Wings, B-Wings, X-Wings, & Y-Wings). Their cruisers are essentially OG Star Destroyers but not their star ships... weird. Removed a lot of the slapstick humor; Jar Jar, the Droids silly banter, and no accidental victories. Attack of the Clones focus on Dooku's rise along with the creation of the Clone army. Revenge of the Sith focuses on Anakin's fall.

What I find interesting right now is that this fan edit was created out of frustration of something that long-time fans loathe... the Prequels. So now I think about all the people that feel that same frustration that has fans much more torn when it comes to the new Trilogy, especially The Last Jedi.

Anyway, I recommend you search for a condensed movie if you're ever in the mood for the Prequels and don't want to sit through 6+ hours of them.

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Pack Everything Yourself for Relocating Purpose

Moving around in Dubai seems way too hot...

If not for movers, I would probably just stay.

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