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2019 Seahawk Signings

People dont talk about Special Teams as much as they should and the Thorpe signing kind of proves it. Back in the day..we used to wonder what Thorpe would develop into and going in to Training Camp we would hope he took a big leap forward and was going to be a starter or what not.

Instead he has made a 6 , going on 7 year career for what he does on 4th downs and after scores. There is a lesson there. If youre a talented but not special football player heading into college.. dont play running back. Try to be a cornerback, failing that a linebacker, failing THAT a safety.. and make sure you can do a lot of things. If you can sorta cover man, and sorta cover in zone, and you tackle and block and get off outside are gonna make a lot of rosters.

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The 2019 Hawks Cast Podcast Season

Hello everyone!

We are rebranding our name to the Hawks Cast Podcast. You may have seen the names change online at Twitter (, Facebook (, or SoundCloud (

All the faces are staying the same but we are trying to bring the forum and the podcast into closer proximity to each other and getting the same name on-board.

We have a tentative scheduled planned for the off-season too:

April 17th 9PM
#401 - Off-Season Drama

April 24th 9PM
#402 - Pre-Draft

May 1st 9PM
#403 - Post-Draft

We will be streaming each podcast live on ( Join us live every week when we record.

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Good bye Gronk.

Never was a big fan. Probably because he seems the type I don’t get along well with in real life. And man I think people don’t consider his injuries enough when evaluating him. But no doubting how much he changed the game and titled the table for the Patriots. And his coach sure knew how to use him.

Oh.. and Jeremy Macklin retired today too.

Thanks for the highlight reels guys. Except the ones against the Seahawks. And Gronk has some painful ones.

Gonna hurt most in Fantasy football because even when Gronk would miss 4-8 games a year someone would take him in the first round. Will miss that.

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A place to concentrate all all college football and those transitioning to the Pro's.

College Pro day schedule

Are there any we are looking forward to? Hard to guess who is in our radar as we don't know where our picks will be. At 21 I might be into the UW safety but we won't be staying there.

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Former Sonics Owner Howard Schultz Apologies (10+ years)

What a dick. I hope he chokes.

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Mueller Report Submitted to AG William Barr

So Barr has released a 4-summary saying there was no collision or Trump attempts to interfere. He also states that the investigation was warranted and not excessive.

This means that Trump and his allies will treat this like a victory because they weren't obviously engaging in corrupt acts... I personally believe they were just stupid and didnt realize they were being taken for fools.

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Strangers Things: Season 3

Awful 80s music?

Agree the series is awesome. Looking forward to this.

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Im so late to the party.. but just in time. Cobra Kai.

Im a huge Karate Kid fan. As in, wrote papers as an undergrad seeking out the real wisdom behind the cheese of Miyagi's lines and actions. I dont like Karate Kid 3...and refuse to watch the Karate Kid with the Hillary Swank. But the first 2 were my really important to me as a kid.

Last year obviously they made this show Cobra Kai on youtube.. and I meant to watch it but last year was a tough year workwise and I missed it for a while then just forgot it.

Stumbled on the commerical for Season 2 a week and a half ago.. and immediately sought out and watched Season 1.

Have you watched this? is some cringe worthy stuff in there and the production value is ...subpar and uneven.

BUT.. they have some talented writers, some cool ideas and most of the time they hit the balance right between nostalgia, poetic parallelism, and originality. You never get comfortable with a label, you never forget what got them to this point.. and being a tv show not a movie, man do you get to know the characters better. So much better by episode 9 I just wanted desperately to get Johnny and Daniel in a room with a six pack of diet pepsi and just work all this out. I know I could!

Some episodes are simply fantastic.. I think I physically missed Mr. Miyagi during the episode that was dedicated to Pat Morita.. and the episode where Daniel and Johnny end up spending a day together..Ive waited for years to see what something like that would look like. And hence this show.

Im a bit afraid of season 2 because I dont think its a great idea to bring in Kove. He just looks so "never let go so I spent too much on plastic surgery".. but Im very interested in where this goes.

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