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Seahawks sign former Broncos QB Paxton Lynch to futures contract

I mean, realistically we are just talking about who holds the clipboard and calls the toss in overtime, but this is an interesting signing. He had some tools to make people value him where they did. And more than most positions, QBs can benefit from sitting and watching and learning.. could be a decent pick up.

I was sad to see Alex McGough went to Jax. Thought he had potential in our system and that we were a good landing spot for him.

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#323 Play-Offs Edition 1-9-19

We're planning on doing one more podcast for the 2018 NFL season. Most likely before or after the Superbowl.

It'll be the State of the Seahawks Podcast.

Have to celebrate Russell Wilson dominating the ProBowl for the 5th time.

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Superbowl 53; Patriots vs. Rams

Myself, I'll probably be playing poker and paying little to no attention to the game.

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Of MAGA hats, youth, and elderly Natives

MAGA + Right for Life March + Circling Philips = Asshole

Assholes don't deserve anything but I also don't feel bad when other assholes do something shitty in return.

I hate how the default reasoning is that "he's a kid" so we should lessen any societal or media punishment. Sorry, you're the literal face of this event. There's nothing he did to defuse the situation and while he may claim later on that it was a misunderstanding he did nothing to show that.

That smirk was a sign of control. That's not an awkward smile; that's just spin and lies trying to keep other assholes at bay and to gain sympathy.

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