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30 mil. + for Russell??

That list of Highest Paid Totals for QBs have the following Superbowl Experience from the link.

9 Appearances between Flacco (1), E Manning (2), Brees (1), Ryan (1), Roethlisberger (3) and Rodgers (1).

7 Wins between those guys Flacco (1), E Manning (2), Brees (1), Roethisberger (2) and Rodgers (1).

Guys on that list with 0 appearances, Stafford and Rivers.

I am not in the camp that thinks Flacco sucks; he's a good QB. But the problem is that the market doesn't pay you to be a "good" they pay you regardless because the fear of being the Browns or Jets is too much to bare.

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#303 Post-Draft Podcast 5-2-18

Special thanks to @JGfromtheNW for checking out the Podcast live.


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Supreme Court Rules that Sports Gambling Bans are Unconstitutional

I'm guessing Las Vegas money couldn't buy the Supreme it did Congress.

As soon as States can find the best way to make money from sports betting, they will allow it.

Washington already allows Lotto, allows horse racing betting. What's the difference between betting on a horse or a fighter, or a ....

At times we forget how strong the Tribal Casinos lobby is in WA. If the Tribes want it, it'll happen.

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Seattle Seahawks 2018 NFL Draft

Shaquem still on the board as Seattle selects UW TE Will Dissly at #120.

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Seattle Mariners 2018 Season (20-14)

@veda-the-moor They haven't found any connection; not saying it's not suspect but that was known for a while and he avoided any positive tests since then.

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17-year-old kid kills 10 people in Texas.

So far this year more people have died in school shootings than in the Military. Jeez! What a sad commentary for our Country.

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I screwed up

Fuck @Veda-the-Moor's Kicker!!!

I was robbed of the playoffs and a potential 2nd place finish because of it!!!!

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Solo: A Star Wars Story discussion

Yeah, after the way Chewie's been kind of ignored in the sequel trilogy it'll be good to see him play a more prominent role in this one. So far it looks like he'll be all over it.

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@BillA and @Birdfinger thank you for the feedback.

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