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Jimmy to the Packers..

Especially with Nelson gone.

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#220 State of the Fantable Podcast 2-1-18

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Another Seahawks season comes to an end but for the first time in 6 years, we aren't talking about the Seahawks playoff run. This means we have the upcoming Superbowl between the Eagles and Patriots and all the upcoming off-season Seahawks drama that is coming.

Topic #1 - What are you thoughts on the 2017 Seahawks season?
Topic #2 - After new Offensive/Defensive coaches; what other changes should fans expect for 2018?
Topic #3 Homer Corner - What did you do with all your Seahawks Free-time?
Topic #4 - Are you excited for the Superbowl?

How many members of the LOB return?
Does anyone get Franchise Tagged?
If a block buster trade is made; what do they get in return?
Odds that Russell Wilson is on the team next year?
Superbowl Winner: Eagles vs Patriots

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The bigger signings..

Basically... everyone is overpaid at this point.

There's not a single contract given that I feel warrants the player... maybe Case going to the Broncos. I think he has the best chance for success based on the contract.

Can't believe Cousins got a 3-year guaranteed deal. Vikings think they can win it all.

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A place to concentrate all all college football and those transitioning to the Pro's.

Vita Vea injured hamstring during 40.

That sucks. I know a lot of analysist were hoping to see a man of his size run sub 5.00.

Hopefully nothing bad and he can perform at the UW Pro-Day.

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Seattle NHL Pre-Sale Launched

alt text


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PA election

I heard a good point tonight. This district is set to be realigned because of it was gerrymandered so badly. And the Repubs still lost!! Wow!

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Best drafts, trades, FA pick-ups and your best wins from your fantasy leagues.

I screwed up

Fuck @Veda-the-Moor's Kicker!!!

I was robbed of the playoffs and a potential 2nd place finish because of it!!!!

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Muskets & Magic (GURPS campaign thread)

Rodrick agrees to study with Poet, and in exchange for being taught agrees to help create some new PowerStones with him, of which he will get to keep one as well. Just before closing himself off for the multiday rituat he sends a letter to Angela O'Hara , the innkeep down in Swift River, the riverside hamlet. She packs up her things and the Party's carts and begins the journey up the foothills, sending word ahead she will be there in a couple of days.

Meanwhile, the Party sets about tying up loose strings in Stoneville. 15000 gold.. probably 2 years worth of taxes meant to be collected by the Provincial Guard (if indeed the taxes were even legal..) are found in the Mount Temple. Taking a mere 1/3 as a finders fee the remaining 10000 gold are quickly allocated:

1 Chief and 3 Sheriffs are hired to take over the basic policing of the town. Non military types are hired, and their payments for 2 years provided for. They take up in the Station House of the Guard.

A school is set up in the Guards Tower, since renamed Truk Hall. At the beginning the idea is for free basic education for the children of the town, but with much room for expansion it is hoped a college or colleges may eventually be founded. Already Rodrick is in Poet's ear to teach magic there, with the idea the Dwarfs could possibly be convinced to teach some of their human appropriate techniques here. Again, 2 years of payments are given to get the ball rolling.

The town council is encouraged to take up more formal governing and responds favorably.

Four Unicorn Inn , burnt down, has its rubble cleared away and plans made for its rebuilding, when the snow breaks. Already it has a new name and the sign, at least, goes up: Four Unicorns and the Phoenix.

Caston the Gnome sends a peace offering of 5,000 gold and a letter of apology, describing the situation he was in and how he felt forced to give up the party. It also explains as much as hed like to have dinner to set feelings right, he will be wintering elsewhere.

Those affairs taken care of the Party settles into serious study of documents. "Melek" comes up again and again and they take this up with the Dwarfs.

The Dwarfs express some surprise at Humans using their tongue and explain Me' Lek means "The Spleen of a Mountain" --usually used in contrast to the Heart of a mountain. Me' Lek in these lands usually refers to the Dwarven fairy tell told to children to get them to behave.

The Dwarfs guide the party down a couple of levels to an out of the way small plaza. In the middle is an old, old statue of Me Lek, labeled "The Capture of Me Lek".. the statue shows a dragon type creature somewhat coiled up like a snake, with its wings extended. Over the statue is an 8 meter long giant, dull lance labeled Me Lek's Bane. As the statue claims Me Lek was captured, this would seem to be a contradiction -- but this would work itself out.

To hear more about Me Lek the party visited the Dwarf Historian and Keeper of the Dominoes: Glimmerin the Inkstained. The Party enters his chambers a bit deeper into the Dwarf City and immediately take care not to knock anything over: the entire large chamber, save for the far wall where a dusty desk and bookshelves are is covered in dominoes being set up.. shelves and tables create 3 levels are there are 10s of thousands of dominoes.. the higher up areas have numberous wires and that attach to a number of cuckoo looking clocks about, minus their clock faces. Glimmerin takes little notice initially, but once Saizerius helps him balance 4 dominos on a small table at the same time he finally gives help, including 2 books about Me Lek. Once he is convinced the Party really is onto something he takes them to see the King of the Dwarfs.

King Thule II rules from the Andune Chamber.. a chamber that is exceptionally ornate in carving and decoration even by Dwarf standards. Gold and silver furnishings, plates, pots, cups, chalices are everywhere and only the 6 beds up against the wall seem more humble..elderly Dwarf advisors speaking their wisdom as they lay on the beds to the gregarious (for a Dwarf) King. The wealth coming in has meant the often dour Dwarfs are more often than not in a good mood.

Hearing the story the party tells, that Brother Botha seems to have had something to do with Me Lek, the Dwarf king scoffs -- "Its a MYTH". Then an aged but firm voice carries from one of the beds "Well.. that's not QUITE true.." The advisor lays out that 847 years ago it really happened..the Dwarfs and Elves split over who was responsible for awakening an Under Dragon. Some call it a Dragon Vampire. The advisor confirms long circulated rumors that the Dwarf City wants went MUCH further down.. and explains where it was sealed.

The King , his nephews and a few advisors head down..and down..and down. Despite their economic success, Dwarf numbers are dwindling in the city and the lower levels past the newer mines are rarely used. There were signs only that "young" Dwarfs came down to do whatever it is the young do out of site of adults do.

A particular plaza was found with 5 mock Turn Polls in place. The Polls numbered the wrong amount, were the wrong material.. it was long assumed they were decoration.. but they were turned and the floor indeed opened as the ancient advisor said it would. Below was a level that hadnt been seen in 847 years..

Or shouldn't have been. Instead -- there sat 12 kegs of gunpowder! Fresh! On makeshift ladder and shelves, trying to be right up against the floor! Broken pottery, empty vessels and footprints showed the area had been used very recently. By kobolds! And at least one Orc!

The King sent the Party and his two nephews to investigate. Sazerius took the lead, sneaking in and out of the plentiful shadows and finding a small party of kobolds on a lower floor.. it was easy to find them through the cacophony of "music" they were playing on trumpets, kazoos, and whatever else they were using. On that floor was also a roughly carved winged figure..possibly a dragon or maybe a hippogriff..or a griffin maybe. All about it lay stones in a pile..and in front of the stones were bones of bats, mice, rats and other small animals. Looking in a window at the humanoids, Sazerious was struck at how thin they all looked..

And that made them that much easier to kill. Panicking them with a gunpowder keg, the dwarves and party made short work of the creatures.. stopping only to question one.

Eventually through tunnel after tunnel, and going around magically sealed areas.. the party reached the true lowest level. Saizerius snuck forward once more.. once more wondering about his career choices.. and before he knew it was standing looking into an odd scene:

A giant room.. lit up magic sources. 12 ghostly white Dwarves sat about 2 big tables playing poker..with no money..only playing for tricks: headstands, somersaults, juggling moves.. and behind them on a 3 tiered stone cared dias was.. was.. What? The front looked like an immense Blue dragon.. but very pale. The back half was mostly rotted flesh, just the bones.. half way up the chest it gained more and more its neck and head it was an intact blue Dragon, of an oddly pale shade.

Saizerius thought to run, but was soon convinced rather to play cards with the Dragon, the Dwarves taking no mind of him.

Soon the party joined and combat joined however.. with only Saizerious still ready to play cards. The Kings nephew and Bamiyan were wrapped in lightening shooting from the Dragons mouth, and beat a hasty retreat. When Saizerius tried to leave the Dragon insisted he meant him no harm.. it was his friends who caused the fuss.. as a sign of good faith he offered 1 or 2 of the giant sapphires that were about the room.

The Party escaped..and regrouped up in the Upper Floors, where the King waited. Mourning began for the dead Nephew, and an angry, but cautious King offered all the support he could give and a reward worthy of a Kings Remembrance if the Party eliminated the the threat they had just disturbed. Me Leks Bane was brought.. the final gift from the Elves , meant to be used if Me Lek ever were a threat again. The dull long case was discovered to be a CASE, and inside was a 5 1/2 meter long Elven constructed lance, with many inscriptions on it, obviously magic.

The Party took stock of their situation.

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Travel to Oregon

Excellent documentary!

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