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Earl Thomas announces he'll holdout

Hmm. I sort of think in todays world and with Earl in particular .. if JS had blatantly lied and said hed received a promise without getting one someone would have said something. If not then its actually one more indicator that Earl WANTS to be traded..because that lie only served one purpose.. to make him trade-able.

I dont blame Earl for WANTING anything..I do blame whoever is giving him advice for giving him awful advice. All that can happen is that Earl loses money, team chemistry suffers, performance lessened.

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#303 Post-Draft Podcast 5-2-18

Special thanks to @JGfromtheNW for checking out the Podcast live.


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Kellen Winslow II

The guy always seemed liked a self absorbed douche canoe.

But he was much, much worse.

And it's not like he suddenly got there. Once they look for similar pattern crimes whom knows what they will find.


Wonder what happened.

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Seattle Seahawks 2018 NFL Draft

Shaquem still on the board as Seattle selects UW TE Will Dissly at #120.

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Seattle Mariners 2018 Season (38-22 1st in the AL West)

Pretty interesting team to follow right now.. if they can take tomorrows game that would say quite a bit too. Paxton is becoming a legit ace.

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Trump the Eagles and Fascism

And his base eats it up.

As much of an idiot he truly is, he knows what his fans want. They want to see him shit on people they view as the "enemy" even though it's going to hurt them in the long-run. How do you prevent that? How do you tell the traditional Republican that their future is be leveraged by Trump and his lackeys? They don't want to hear that from someone who voted for Hilary.

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I screwed up

Fuck @Veda-the-Moor's Kicker!!!

I was robbed of the playoffs and a potential 2nd place finish because of it!!!!

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So.. what did George Lucas want to do?

alt text

I don't think it's hyperbole when I saw that Lucas created the most important fantasy/sci-fi universe in the history... when you create something so great, there's bound to be duds along the way.

But that being said he envisioned the original Star Wars world as just an opening to something he wanted to tell that was much different.

At least he's willing to make what he wants and not cave to pressure.

alt text

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The site..

@BillA and @Birdfinger thank you for the feedback.

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