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Is the Franchise Tag exceeded it's use?

Kirk Cousins had it applied to him and he showed how players can use it to their advantage so I think it will be used less-- not because it's outlived it's usefulness but because players FINALLY woke up and realized it can be used as a tool in long term negotiations to get them more money.

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#220 State of the Fantable Podcast 2-1-18

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Another Seahawks season comes to an end but for the first time in 6 years, we aren't talking about the Seahawks playoff run. This means we have the upcoming Superbowl between the Eagles and Patriots and all the upcoming off-season Seahawks drama that is coming.

Topic #1 - What are you thoughts on the 2017 Seahawks season?
Topic #2 - After new Offensive/Defensive coaches; what other changes should fans expect for 2018?
Topic #3 Homer Corner - What did you do with all your Seahawks Free-time?
Topic #4 - Are you excited for the Superbowl?

How many members of the LOB return?
Does anyone get Franchise Tagged?
If a block buster trade is made; what do they get in return?
Odds that Russell Wilson is on the team next year?
Superbowl Winner: Eagles vs Patriots

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The price of NFL Sunday Ticket is going up

Direct TV raises prices for NFL Sunday Ticket

Surprise! Ok, not so much,

I think the NFL got itself into a bit of a situation with Redzone. No commercials is awesome. Non-stop football for 7 hours? Awesome again.. I don't think I've watched a full game on a Sunday straight through that wasn't a Seahawks game in a couple seasons now. I wonder if Redzone is actually taking considerable viewership away from games and the games commercials. If so this move is great for them.

Jacking up the price will either raise more revenue or piss off people bad enough to cancel service and just... watch the various network games with all the commercials. Win-win.

But to me they are all just greedy bastards.

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Optimum Scouting's first 2018 draft position rankings

Nice! I hope both guys named Chubb end up on the same team just because that would be tight.

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MLB: Russell Wilson traded to NY Yankees

I love good theatre. :)

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Another school shooting

@veda-the-moor good post. Those are measures that would definitely help. Most of these shooters idolize and study previous shooters. Being loners, outcasts, terrible home life etc give a prime environment for this too flourish. Almost all of these kids are really hurting and this plan of "infamy" is appealing to them and gives them a warped sense of meaning/purpose.

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I screwed up

Fuck @Veda-the-Moor's Kicker!!!

I was robbed of the playoffs and a potential 2nd place finish because of it!!!!

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Marvel's Black Panther Movie

Yea, I was really surprised at that because she is so distinctive and has such a presence...

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Flying a cast of harris hawks

I am more from a Mongolian style so I couldn't help you out but interested in the answer as I've considered using a pair.

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