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#515 Arizona Cardinals 11-18-20 Thursday Night

Posted: Sun Nov 15, 2020 11:24 pm
by HawksCastAdmin
Sam, Zeb and Ross are ready to throw down on what is this team and if it's a mirage. After starting 5-0 the Seahawks are now 1-3 and we may have to reevaluate if this team is as good as we want them to be. With this loss, questions on who is to blame is free falling with some sacrificing DC Ken Norton Jr., HC Pete Carrol, OC Sky Box Schotty, QB Russell Wilson, GM John Schneider, S Jamal Adams, etc. Let's try to hash it and see if we have something to salvage with seven games remaining.

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Re: #515 Arizona Cardinals 11-18-20 Thursday Night

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2020 10:33 pm
by HawksCastAdmin

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The Seahawks suffer another demoralizing defeat as it wasn't so much the DEF that let us down all game but the OFF. Russell Wilson has another multi-turnover game that continues to make all their mistakes look even worse and due to a Hail Mary the Cardinals end up being the number one team in the NFC West and the Seahawks fall to 3rd. It's a quick turnaround as the Seahawks now face that red-hot Cardinals team on Thursday Night. The injuries are still piling up but my body is ready. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast.

Topic #1 What has the greater chance to improve; Wilson's Turnover Rate or the DEF building off their last game?
Topic #2 Are Seahawks fans overvaluing how good this team is through 9 games?
Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Is Pete becoming the worst coach in the West?
Topic #4 Arizona Cardinals - Has Murray surpassed Wilson as an MVP front-runner?

Final Score: Cardinals vs. Seahawks
More Total TDs: Murray vs. Wilson
More Sacks Avoided: Murray vs. Wilson
More Rushing Yards: Murray vs. Seahawks RBs
More Targets: Lockett vs. Metcalf vs. Hopkins
Over/Under 2.5 Hail-Mary's Shown From Previous Games
Over/Under 3.5 Seahawks OFF Starters Missing